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Does anyone know anything about Three Boys From Italy, pizza, White Plains??

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Thinking of trying this place, it's next to Meme's bakery, maybe tomorrow if it snow. Do they deliver??

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  1. it was just ok. nothing fantastic. nicky's white slice is better.

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    1. re: cubanat

      I tried a square slice from Three Boys From Italy and thought it was pretty good. Crust was thin, sauce and cheese were better than the average slice joint.

      I don't get the love for Nicky's. Thoroughly mediocre pizza - I think even Mario's across the street is better - and overpriced to boot.

      1. re: kdgchow

        just the white slices. out of the oven with a sprinkle of chili flakes...mmm

    2. I think Three Boys is excellent. Their Bronx Bomber slice is good: chicken, hot peppers, caramelized onions. The Caprese slice is very good as well.