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Feb 9, 2010 08:45 AM

New Sushi Restaurant on Harbord?

I just saw last week that a Sushi restaurant has sprung up at Harbord and Major. I can't recall the name, but it just opened. Can't find anything written about it on the web. Has anyone tried it? Any reviews? Thanks!

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  1. I think it's called Akai sushi. It says "Japanese and Korean Restaurant" on the sign.

    1. Just went there tonight! It's called Akai Sushi. Very cute interior, small and intimate. We had an order of edamame, Ikura nigiri, yellowtail nigiri, and then we split the Caterpillar roll, yam maki and salmon skin maki. At the beginning of the meal, they bring you a small amuse buche or whatever it would be called in Japan. At the end of the meal, we got free dessert - really good tempura banana and green tea ice cream with whipped cream. Service was attentive and friendly. Unlike the other sushi places on Bloor, it was not just 75% rice. I enjoyed myself and thought it was very well priced (6 maki for $10 or under). Would recommend if you would like to go for sushi but are looking for somewhere more intimate or romantic than Sushi on Bloor or New Generation. They have a great sounding Valentine's Day menu on now, too. ($60 for 2)

      1. I went a week ago, for lunch. I had chirashi (my standard choice) which was very pleasant; a cut above the offerings on Bloor, a cut below Japango. It's a little expensive for lunch (minimum $10 before tax and tip, compared to ~$7 on Bloor) which is an issue if you're a student like me, but if I had a proper job I imagine I wouldn't mind so much.

        The decor was pleasant enough, but we were the only two people there (it was around 3 pm, I don't know how they fare at peak hours) and the waiter didn't seem to be able to hold it together very well even with such a small crowd. He was fairly slow and inattentive and made some errors.

        They were also playing jazz which really jarred with the atmosphere and struck me as a fairly silly choice.

        1. Akai Sushi, I had lunch there last week. The food was far superior to the sushi on Bloor street. I had the chirashi, the fish was sliced correcly, served at a decent tempture (lots of places the fish is very cold) and great quality. A little more expensive than the places on Bloor, but worth it. I rather spend my money on decent sushi less often than eat bad maki that's mostly rice.
          Very cute spot, I will recommened it.

          1. I was there tonight before a concert at Convocation Hall. It's a nice little place and the service, presentation and food is a cut above most neighborhood sushi places. Definitely great value.