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Feb 9, 2010 08:35 AM

what flavors go with cocount and/or almond?

I'm searching for a filling for a coconut cake I'm making that has some almond extract in it. The recipe is for a white almond cake, that is flavored with equal amnts vanilla extract and almond extract, and I was going to make it a coconut cake by replacing the milk with coconut milk and MAYBE (if it isn't too strong) adding some coocnut flavoring as well. If you can't htink of anything that'd go well with both, I am willing to forego the almond extract. I was searching for some sort of fruit curd or jelly, although I am open to anything! I was thinking lime? But I wasnt sure if that'd go with the almond. Or, a chocolate ganache?

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  1. lemon, lime, ginger, orange, mango and strawberry all would work. but i think you should make either a coconut cake or an almond cake otherwise the flavors will just battle each other. coconut cake with a layer of jam in between and coconut frosting would be delish.

    1. lemon, raspberry, chocolate all come to mind. imho they are all stellar combinations, but my favorite with coconut is lemon. Love the tart/sweet play.

      My favorite with almond is raspberry.

      1. The ginger idea sounds sublime, hotoy! I didn't see mint among the list of ideas. Coconut almond minted rice is one of my new faves, although since fresh almond and almond extract are two different flavors the result could be significantly different. Might be one way to use up mint jelly if you have it. This sounds like a fun cake! Enjoy!

        1. You would be surprised how many flavors will go well. I put together these flavors all the time. In addition to the flavors mentioned, pear works well. Caramel or dulce de leche or cajeta, brown butter, pineapple, passion fruit. However, if you do put a strong flavor in the filling you will lose some of the subtleties of your cake - i think the coconut will get drowned out unless you put flaked coconut.

          Other fillings - you can infuse a pastry cream with toasted coconut for a fantastic flavor that would make a nice filling.

          BTW - you can also use coconut flour or replace some flour with unsweetened coconut - Asian grocery stores carry it in a small flake - almost flour like

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            Well, after reading all of these, I think I might want to play it safe and stick with a coconut custard filling like the one Bobby Flay used for his coconut cake. But almond and coconut, does that sound good?

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              It sounds fine... but maybe a bit one note.

              I'd go lemon curd. Easy and delicious.

          2. Lemon curd would be my first choice, but raspberry would be really nice with the almond. Cherry is another good choice with almond, but the quality of cherry preserves/jam can vary so much that I'd probably only use homemade unless it was a brand I already knew I liked.

            Lemon curd just adds such a nice tang against coconut and almond both -- it's very bright, while coconut and almond are very rich and mellow. Again, quality would be an issue, since some commercial lemon curd tastes more of furniture polish than actual lemons in many cases!

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              I've got a ton of limes I'd like to use up, what do you think about a lime curd?