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Feb 9, 2010 08:20 AM

Where to buy jars of whole or diced tomatoes in Montreal?

I would like to avoid cans (to avoid BPA, which is present in can lining), but I can only find jars of sauce or crushed tomatoes -- no whole tomatoes.

The most convenient area for me is anywhere between University, Sherbrooke, Papineau and Jean-Talon.


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  1. I never seemed to find these either, up until last month. I was in an Italian market in LaSalle, popping in after making a purchase from the fresh pasta factory next door.

    My suggestion will not not be very promising as you read on...
    The imported Italian jar was bulbous and showed beautiful tomato halves inside, packed in their own juice with a basil leaf. The jar (6 on the shelf) was very dusty and somewhat expensive (a tad over $4 if I remember right), but still they looked good.

    They were not.
    They severely lacked in flavor. So much so that I threw them out after eating only a half tomato.
    If you really want, I can give you the address, but for this particular product, I'd suggest a pass. I will keep my eyes open though...

    1. You can buy Pomi brand, which is packed in tetra-pack type boxes (assuming those are BPA free).

      1. Eden organic tomatoes (which are grown in Ontario, I believe, although it is a US brand) are in a tin, but it has a special BPA-free lining. You might want to look for this feature in Italian tomatoes as well, especially organic ones.

        I have seen a "rustic passata" which does contain chunks, in jars, but it isn't quite diced tomatoes.

        Perhaps this summer you can put up your own tomatoes?