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Feb 9, 2010 07:57 AM

Should I get a Convection Microwave?

Moving into an apartment with a slightly less miserable kitchen and thinking about getting one. It has one of those NYC tiny gas range/oven combos with 4 tiny burners barely suitable for a medium size pots and pan, and the oven can maybe handle a cornish hen.

So what can I expect from one of these new-fangled contraptions?

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  1. I posted a similar request for information a few weeks back which did not generate much response. We ended up purchasing a Panasonic Genius microwave/convection oven and are happy we did. It got yery good reviews and performs as advertised. We use it as a second oven almost as often as we use it as a microwave.

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      I bought a GE Profile convection/microwave. It works well but the fan is so noisy I've given up using it. Is your Panasonic quiet?

    2. We just bought this and I haven't even used the convection aspect of it yet. But a friend has it and it takes the place of a second oven. This one may be too large and cost more than you want to spend but thought I'd mention it. We had a combo in our RV and it worked great. And we have it on a metal shelving unit (from Costco), not mounted over the range.

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          We have roasted meats and chicken on the convection cycle with good results. We have also used it to roast potatoes and vegetables while meat is roasting in the main oven.

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            This is THE reason we bought one. It's not often but there are times where I can't cook a particular menu because I need totally disparate oven temps. And it usually when I'm entertaining which further annoys me. Recently I was going to try an oven-baked risotto that a Chow-buddy had told me about. But it was incompatible with the roasting meat. And the meat couldn't rest long enough to cook it afterwards.

      1. Yes.

        As a microwave, it works just as well as anything else out there. As an oven, it gives up points to a full-sized model for capacity, racks, etc. But it'll still roast a chicken with the best of 'em.

        You're not likely to be baking crusty bread on a stone with steam assist, and sheet cakes or dozens of cookies are going to present some challenges. But for basic roasting, I love my micro/convection.

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          If you do want steam with your oven, check this guy out:

          It's almost like a home version of a combioven. It's still $900 though.

        2. Depending on the type of cooking you do, you might want to consider one of these instead:

          No microwave, but it can do toasting, broiling and baking as well as proper convection roasting.

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            The only way I could fit the great, big combo one in was to remove the MW. Hmm, if it would just toast I could get rid of the toaster oven also.