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Feb 9, 2010 07:57 AM

Eat, Drink, and Give - Tonight (Feb 9th) at RTH, Toronto - food charity event for Haiti

Anyone else going to this? I am surprised there is little talk about food related events on this forum.

I am looking forward to it. They cheaper $75 tickets have sold out but there are still some "VIP" tickets for $150 (I think you get access to some Vintages wine and some other bonuses with the VIP tickets).

The list of participating companies looks impressive. Regardless, all proceeds go to MSF/Doctors without Borders..

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was there last night, and it was great. So many amazing restaurants participating - Cowbell, Cava, Globe, Splendido, Tutti Matti, etc., etc... And of course, wineries galore, from Niagara and elsewhere. Unlike a lot of "tasting station" oriented events, where the crowds make it difficult to circulate and try as much as you'd like, the vibe at Roy Thomson Hall was relaxed and the flow was seamless.

      There really was more food than one could reasonably expect to try in one evening. Some highlights for me: chicken liver parfait on brioche from Splendido, headcheese from Treadwell in Niagara, French onion soup dumplings from Veritas, and the macarons from Bobbette and Belle.

      I'm surprised at the lack of discussion on this board about this event; consdering the near-sellout, I'd have expected a whack of Chowhounders. If anyone did go, I'd love to hear impressions.

      My full review at:

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        I was there and completely agree - it was an awesome event. My fav's were, Cowbell's Venison, Ravine’s Riesling, Globe’s elk shepherd pie, Wine Bar’s Reuben and Massimo Bruno's eggplant parmiagiana . Koodos to the organizers for putting together an event of this caliber and magnitude in a couple of weeks.

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          Nice pics on your blog, looks like a fantastic event, wish I could have gone!

        2. I participated and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Food highlights included Treadwell's addictive headcheese with piccalilli, Splendido's dessert-like chicken liver, Cava's pork taco, Cowbell's venison tartare, Vertical's tuna, the absinthe macarons, and Ramelli's white truffle oil tasting. Many Ontario wineries (such as Black Prince) were well-represented, and there was a ton of good wine up for auction. I was impressed with the silent auction - a dinner for 6 at Scaramouche, dinners at Cowbell, George, etc. It was my first time at a food-based fundraiser that didn't require individual tickets for each tasting - what a relaxing and enjoyable concept! Well worth the $75 and well-organized. It was wonderful to get a chance to chat with the actual "big name" chefs and winemakers.

          I also participated in Great Cooks' Chefs for Haiti cooking event on Wednesday night which raised funds for MSF's work in Haiti. Equally surprised by the lack of mention on this board. There were 7 hands-on cooking stations (3 apps, 3 mains, and 1 dessert) plus copious amounts of rum punch, wine and Tibetan Tiger tea to match the decadent stuffed french toast dessert. Absolutely fun and educational event - each dish was Haitian or Haitian-fusion, with chef volunteers from George and a few local catering companies.

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          1. re: Food Tourist

            I'm sorry I did not know about this. Was it publicized? How did you folks learn about it?

            1. re: millygirl

              TWITTER....lots of foodies on twitter. Lots of events mentioned on twitter. Its a whole world on its own and it has opened up my food world tremendously. I believe I have been to 3 events that I would have never heard about had i not been on twitter. SIGN UP.
              (i'm momwhoruns)

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                p.s the event was fabulous. So much food, and so much wine. It was beyond my expecations and the organizers did a great job.

                1. re: domesticgodess

                  Have to agree.
                  I think it was honestly my best night of food (and wine) in a very, very long time. It far exceeded the expectations of myself and everyone in my group and was worth far more than the $75 admission.
                  Over $42k was raised that evening.

                  Many of the wineries were giving away bottles at the end of the evening to those who stuck around.
                  I heard about it via the MSF mailing list.