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Fire and Ice Cheesesteaks and lemonade

Driving on West Broadway a new restaurant called Fire and Ice...they advertise Philly cheesesteaks and lemonade .....they claim to open, but i was alittle too early, i think. I will be there asap, I need a good cheesesteak!

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  1. It is open, though I haven't seen reviews from anyone I trust. The only thing I've heard is that it is a takeout place. I'm skeptical that they'll be able to top Papa's, but I wouldn't mind throwing a little business to that area.

    1. Hmm sorta sounds a bit like Licciardi's, the old drive-in on Central NE. I still miss that lemonade when the temperature and humidity shoot up in the Summer. Sadly right now, lemonade makes me think TheraFlu.

      1. There's one on University in STP. I have not eaten there nor do I know anyone who has.

        1. Can you give an idea (besides just West Broadway) of where this place is located. I'll go try it.

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            Penn and Broadway. I believe it replaces the old Bean Scene.

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              5 miles west of 94? maybe less, on the north side of the street

            2. Went with high hopes, I want that area to find a anchor tenant that would draw people. A Philly Cheesesteak it's not. Mystery meat, some kind of unidentifiable cheese and a bun that is softer and has less taste than a hot dog bun at Super America.

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                NO! not a soft roll...minnesota's death nail on "cheesesteaks". thanks for the advice....we can only keep on wishing. I will stick with my mail ordered pork roll til we get something that has even a passing resemblance to a decent hoagie roll.

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                  Thanks. I expected the place to be really bad, but you confirmed that for me. Such a shame. How hard is it to make a decent cheesesteak?

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                    it"s not hard, it's impossible it seems

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                      I hesitate to share this because it's already hard enough to get them, but New French bakery has a mini baguette that works for me. It's what I use for my Italian beef and Philly's when I make them at home. Hot cherry peppers, onion and yes, whiz for the Philly. Mozzarella or baby swiss and hot giardiniera for the Italian beef.

                2. TRIED to eat there today, didn't happen. I didn't get a good feeling in the parking lot, there were cars parked every which way, no organization, nothing, just park however, wherever you want. I found a spot in-between some lines and went in. I was greeted with the angriest bunch of people I have even seen in one place. There had to have been about 20 people standing around and sitting at tables, with no food. I walked up to the “order here” window and asked the gentlemen if all the people were waiting for food. He said, “yeah, there’s a long line.” I looked around again just amazed. People were just sitting around staring into the cooking area, burning holes in the workers with their eyes. I then asked how long it would be before food came out of the “pick up here” window. He said it would be 15-20 minutes. I didn’t laugh because I believed it, by the looks on the people’s faces, they felt it. I don’t know if I would wait 20 minutes for the best Philly in the world! I hadn’t read this post until after today’s experience, but I guess I guess I made the right decision by walking out. Good luck to them, if they can pack it full of people waiting for food at 2:30 in the afternoon, they must be on to something.

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                    may i suggest crossing the street and going to JC"S BQ, you won't regret it...it's the complete opposite! great people and great food fast!

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                      I guess, it's not the same food, but if I am in the mood for BBQ it can't hurt. Thanks.