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Feb 9, 2010 07:26 AM

Help--weekend lunch spot in Columbia County, NY/Egremonts/G. Barrington

We are driving this weekend from North Stamford, CT to Great Barrington, MA via Columbia County--any good roadfood or casual lunch spots that are worth a stop? Lunch in Great Barrington or around there works too. We are doing upscale dinners so we are looking for something yummy but nothing too involved for lunch. Many thanks!

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  1. Try Once Upon A Table in GB if that's where you stop. A hound favorite. Home made quality food: soup sandwiches and more.
    If you're anywhere near Millerton, NY I'd recommend Harney's Tea House. Full range lunch, not inexpensive but really excellent. Lovely store to peruse too.

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      Agree with that recommendation although note Once Upon a Table is not in GB but in Stockbridge which is slightly farther north, and maybe a little more upscale than "road food."
      In Great Barrington you could consider Bizalion on Rt. 7 near Big Y, a French food shop/cafe/deli, very casual with counter service but good sandwiches.

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        Thanks for the correction; I don't know what I was thinking!

    2. If you are in the area on Friday or Saturday for lunch or Sunday for brunch, you will be doing yourself a favor to stop in at the Greens at the Copake Country Club - with an outstanding restaurant open to the public. This restaurant, over the last eighteen months, has become a hidden jewel for locals. You should not miss it. We live in Great Barrington where there are plenty of excellent restaurants, but, the value and quality of this establishment has been worth the drive. The variety of what they offer will amaze you. I dare not say trust me for most things, but.. Trust me.

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        its funny you mention the greens @ CCC...didnt one of the chefs from john andrews ( glen i think his name is? ) leave JA to go there about 18 months ago? i havent been, but have also heard really good things about it lately.

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          You are right on all counts. You should go. So anyone reading this. You won't be disappointed.

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            Thanks for the info on The Greens. A new one to me that sounds like it's worth the trip!