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Feb 9, 2010 07:23 AM

SLC and Park City

I'll be there next week and my wife and I are hoping to try a variety of really good food. It doesn't need to be fancy but we're not against the idea of fine dining either. I'll be staying kind of close to the mouth of the Cottonwoods but was planning to drive into downtown SLC as well as Park City for dinner. I think our plan is to try a couple nights of finer dining and a couple nights of really good chowhound-type places. We'll probably do just one night in Park City to see what its like.

I heard that the Red Iguana is good, but I don't know of much else.

Any and all suggestions (except for Indian - my wife isn't a fan) are welcome. I can't wait to get out there!

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  1. I don't know the park city food scene very well. It has several highly regarded high-end restaurants.
    In salt lake, have an apres-ski garlic cheeseburger at the Cotton Bottom (6200 s Holladay Blvd). Coincidentally, right across the blvd is Franck's, which is good high-end fare. The Red Iguana is good, but it has been substantially watered-down over the years. I think the best mexican food in the state is actually at a place in Midway called Tarahumara. It's past park city off of highway 40. Definitely worth the trip.
    Stop by the Mad Greek, Greek Souvlaki or Dask's for a gyro. I won't get into which is best, because everyone has a differing and valid opinion.
    Downtown Salt lake has a new belgian waffle place (liege, not brussels) that also serves frites. pick one up and go next door to caputo's for excellent browsing. also downtown is settebello, a great neopolitan pizza place. next door to that is red rock brewing, which has the best food of any of the brewpubs in town (whether is has the best beer is up for debate). Este pizzaeria in sugarhouse is the best all-around pizza, i would say. Most mid-range restaurants aren't that great, but i would stop by the Bayou on state street for their immense beer selection and better-than-decent food. Red butte cafe in foothill is also solid.
    Two new farm-to-table restaurants opened in the last year, pago and forage, both in pretty much the same neighborhood. I haven't been to either, but i imagine they're worth a shot.
    Have a good time!

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      Please! Cotton Bottom is just a hamburger made with too much dried garlic. It is yukky - don't waste your time or your money going into this place. Not great, I promise.

      Mad Greek makes great pork souvlaki gyros.

      Just my opinion, but hope it helps...

    2. Forage is relatively new in town, and is great. Very creative, very interesting, sometimes challenging but a great meal and wonderful experience. Probably the only place in town where you might get a dish seasoned with olive dust (i.e., olives frozen in liquid nitrogen, then shattered and sprinkled on your food instead of salt - at least that's the best I can figure they do).

      Downtown I'd go with Takashi's. Excellent sushi.

      You might also consider Fresco Italian Cafe or the Paris Bistro in the 15th and 15th neighborhoods.

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        Oh yeah, one more: Em's, just north of the Temple downtown. I think it's one of the best in the city.

        1. re: Rambutan2000

          Thanks for the info!

          Forage looks REALLY interesting. Some questions are bouncing through my head: Is it heavy on the molecular stuff or does he dabble with it? Would you leave feeling hungry? How much would you expect to pay for a dinner for two with wine?

          Em's looks delicious too. Thanks again!

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions! My wife and I had a great four nights of dining in SLC.

          Wednesday - Red Iguana - definitely worth the 45 minute wait. The mole was fantastic.
          Thursday - Takashi's - FANTASTIC sushi. I was very impressed with the torched sablefish
          Friday - Em's - The food and service was solid. I think that they need to do a little more refining of their food. It seemed a little too close to what I could get at home. Still very yummy!
          Saturday - Pago's - It was a slight step up in its level of refinement and also had delicious food. I found the chocolate tamale to be underwhelming. Also, I found the wine list to be a little off-putting. It didn't seem to fit with the "neighborhood restaurant"/farm-to-table feel of the restaurant in that its bottles were all rather expensive. The price points of all the bottles were just as high (or higher than) as some very high-end restaurants in Boston. Plus, they had the same bottle of Spanish red at Em's for 15 bucks cheaper (50 versus 35).

          All in all, I had a great week in SLC. Thanks for your input.