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Feb 9, 2010 06:45 AM

Where to get really good quality fresh whole fish?

We've been lucky to be part of a fish CSA where we get fresh fish off the boat on a weekly basis, but unfortunately, this week due to weather, we're not getting our fish. However, I need a fresh, whole fish, for my Chinese New Year's dinner and I'm not sure where I can get comparable quality fresh whole fish in the area? I'm in Brookline if that matters...

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    1. re: Taralli

      New Deal Seafood, call ahead and tell them what you want. In Brookline, Sea for Us doesn't normally have whole fish (fillets typically) but their fish is excellent.

      1. re: teezeetoo

        Do you mean Sea to You in Brookline, or is there really a competing store calling themselves Sea for Us??

    2. ChinaTown. can't get fresher than Still Swimming. i like C-Mart.

      1. Yeah, Chinatown or one of the larger neighboring market outposts (i.e. Kam Man, HK Market) is where all the familes go for their New Year's supplies. Just beware that these 3 days will probably mean a mob scene at the larger Chinese markets. Most families actually have a pre-New Year meal on Saturday, so expect Saturday to be a total zoo, and likely the 2-3 days before that will only be slightly better.

        1. I was at Court House Fish Market on Cambridge St. (484) just this morning and they had a very large selection of many different types of whole fish available. This place is very close to New Deal so you might check both of them out but I have found Court House to be better.

          1. Whole Foods Market is usually a safe bet. Fish is always very fresh and selection is good.