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ISO: Beet Juice

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I want to make Massimo Capra's famed beet risotto but the recipe calls for Beet juice. Any idea where I can find that downtown? Thanks.

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  1. Downstairs in the St. Lawrence Market is a juice vendor that should be willing to juice up some beets for you.

    1. When I need fresh juice for a dinner party, I go to Juice for Life at Bloor and Spadina. I bring my own mason jars and they even give me a discount for bringing them. They've been very accomodating.

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        I've been told that Pusateri's at Avenue Road and Lawrence carries it. But better confirm first.

        p.s. It's funny because as soon as I read your heading, I thought to myself I betcha East of Yonge is making Massimo's risotto. By the way, I take it you own a copy of his One Pot Cooking....I know that this should probably be moved to Home Cooking but I am curious what you think of it? I find the directions are not always clear and there are many details left out. Have you made anything of interest from the book? I must admit I've only tried a few things and they were just okay. I'd much rather dine at Mistura.


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          Thanks for the advice! I don't know why I didn't think of Juice for Life or other health food stores....

          But yes millygirl, I do find the directions to not be the best...maybe that's the secret to getting us to keep going back to Mistura - other than it's fantastic of course!

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            Welll good luck with it East of Yonge. Let me know if it tastes as good as Mistura's does. Maybe I will attempt it.

      2. Essence of Life in Kensington Market (56 Kensington, where it meets with St Andrews St.) has some. I assume other large health food stores would stock it as well (Tutti Frutti up the street from Essence of Life or The Big Carrot).