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Feb 9, 2010 06:19 AM

Appetizer for an Asian-themed dinner

I am making an Asian-themed dinner which will consis of grilled shrimp and flank steak with ginger-garlic sauce, fried rice, and an Asian salad. Any ideas for an appetizer to go with? I don't want to make anything deep-fried. I want something to serve with cocktails before dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Rumaki....Yakatori.... or Satay

    Red Roast or Honey Barbecued Boneless Chinese Spare Ribs.......St Louis Ribs with the bones removed.

    Shumai or Potstickers......boring, but who doesn't love dumplings...(with apologies to <ipsedixit>)

    1. mmmm...I was going to suggest something with water chestnuts...bacon-wrapped maybe?
      Or, here's a BAKED crab rangoon recipe that looks very nice too:
      Or maybe spring rolls?

      1. This is ridiculously easy, but a hit nonetheless. Marinate a sushi-grade tuna steak in garlic, soy, ginger, etc. Coat the steak in black & white sesame seeds. Pan sear just briefly in a cast-iron skillet. Thinly slice the steak (1/4" thick slices) and serve on rice crackers with little dollops of wasabi & a splash of soy or whatever sauce you prefer.

        The tuna can be made in advance and chilled. Bring to room temp and then slice & serve.

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          Sounds yummy. I can just picture how pretty that must be.

        2. Sounds like you've already got lots of meat- how about some sort of pancake, like Korean pajeon? There's a very complete recipe by hannaone here:

          (It's actually super-simple, just whisk up a batter, put in sliced up veggies and optionally seafood, and cook it like a pancake


          Also on the Korean theme, things to wrap in lettuce, in the style of Korean ssambap, always go well with cocktails in my book...

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            If you do want to do a Korean pancake, I like Bittman's simple version.

          2. Nobu's lobster carpaccio is a simpler recipe than you might expect. You might also want to consider summer rolls, lettuce cups or noodle bundles. If you want something simple, spicy garlic fried peanuts with anchovies and tamarind would go well with cocktails.

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              Yum, anchovies and tamarind? Talk about uber-Umami!!!