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Feb 9, 2010 06:12 AM

Where to find fresh Anaheim and Poblano peppers in Montreal?

I went to Marche Jean-Talon last weekend and I didn't see any. Thanks!

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  1. perhaps you can try going to Marché Thai Hour, southwest corner of St-Denis and Jean-Talon, where they have a wide variety of peppers and herbs. Or across the street at Marché Oriental.

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      Have never seen either pepper at Thai Hour or Marché Oriental, and I was at both on Sunday in search of Scotch bonnets (TH's were best). However, the nearby Supermarché Andes/Sabor Latino (436 Bélanger, 514 277-4130) currently has fresh poblanos (dunno about anaheims). Chez Nino at the JTM often does too, though I didn't see any there on the weekend.

    2. Over the last few weeks we've bought some at the Atwater market typically on a tuesday and wednesday. (Made a stuffed pepper recipe that was fantastic so we made them 3 times in 3 weeks.)