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Feb 9, 2010 06:03 AM

Mexican Grocery Sunset Park?

Hi! I'm looking for a good Mexican grocery in Brooklyn, and was figuring Sunset Park was the best bet. I'm not looking for anything too madly exotic, just a bunch of dried chilies and a few other items I have trouble finding in my local grocery store.

I'm also wondering if anyone knows a good place to get fresh made tortillas in the neighborhood. (I know about Queens, but as I am a Brooklynite it is a bit of a trek for a carless person).


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  1. I don't know Sunset Park all that well, I am sure there are several Mexican Groceries there. There are definitely a bunch in Kensington and Flatbush. I posted this link the other day:

    1. There's a place I go to for dried chiles and other Mexican goods at around 62nd and 5th - I think it's called Plaza Xochimilco. Good stuff, good prices, plus they sell pulque and 40s of Cerveza Victoria.

      1. C'mon over. I recommend Don Paco Lopez, corner of 47th St. and 4th Ave. Family-owned bakery, market and restaurant. Lovely folks, great selection. They'll take care of you.

        1. Don't recall the name, but there's a Latin market across the street from Ba Xuyen at 8 ave & 42nd St. Have a banh mi while you're in the nabe.

          1. Any supermarket or bodega on 5th ave above 20th st will have what you are looking for. The one on the corner of 23rd st has it all and you can get some amazing hot food as well.