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Feb 9, 2010 05:35 AM

Pubs without TVs

I like bars with tv's, but there's something warm, amazing, and old school about a bar that can succeed without one. I have a couple ideas of places that may not have one but not really sure, so I'm trying to put together a list of pubs sans television in the twin cities.

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  1. I also enjoy a televisionless tipple now and then. Unfortunately, these are rarely lower-scale "pubs" and more often, upscale bars in restaurants. An issue also arises when you consider differing definitions of the public house.

    In my neighborhood: 331, Mario's Keller Bar, uh...does Mayslacks have TVs? I know Suzies, the NE Social Club and Red Stag don't have TVs, but they aren't really pubs.

    Lurcat, Bradstreet, Sea Change, LBV, 112, Hell Kitchen (though they have a huge screen playing sports during breakfast), Solera, most of the steakhouses (not Seven)...I'm really at a loss to think of any more. Hopefully someones been keeping track as I too would like ideas.

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    1. re: Foureyes137

      That's a good start.

      I feel like the Muddy Pig doesn't have tv's but I can't say for sure. Maybe someone can confirm. Sounds like it's not your neighborhood though.

        1. re: fdizzle

          I think Muddy Pig has them in about half the space, the part right next to the bar. If I remember correctly, the larger group seating area does not have them.

          Also, I don't believe Happy Gnome has TVs.

          1. re: schizoidyun

            I believe the Gnome has two TVs, one upstairs and one downstairs.

            1. re: BigE

              Just to clarify this, the Gnome has two TVs downstairs and one upstairs. They really don't detract from the overall experience.

              If anyone here is a whiskey drinker, you MUST get over there to try the Rittenhouse Very Rare Rye. That might be the single best liquor I've ever had.

      1. Anchor Fish & Chips has pub atmosphere and no TVs, but if you want a pint you will also need to order food.

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        1. re: neurf

          And if you want a drink drink, you'll have to conceal a flask.

        2. Merlin's Rest (36th and Lake Street) only brings out televisions for special events. Nearly all the time the focus is on conversation, music, pub quizzes, and the like.

          331 Bar (University and 13th Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis) very rarely has television.

          Nick and Eddie's bar area (Loring Park) has a television but it very rarely is on.

          Red Stag in Northeast Minneapolis does not have a television.

          1. Does the Liffey have TV's? I like that place, when it isn't terribly packed.

            1. thank you for starting this topic. i think it's a great idea. tvs in bars are incredibly lame, IMO, and they are, unfortunately, difficult to avoid in MN.

              i second that merlin's rest (and the craftsman, just down the street) has no tv in it.

              sadly, as much as i love their food, the last time i was at 112 there was a small tv above the bar corner in the first level room. it's pretty small, though, and not too distracting.

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              1. re: petergray

                I, too, would generally prefer no TV. I do think there's a big difference between places that have a TV or two for those interested in watching (say, some big sporting event), vs. those that have so many TVs that one cannot really escape. An example of the latter would be the Bulldog St. Paul. An example of the former would be the Muddy Pig / Happy Gnome, where I have to think about whether they have TVs at all, and where they are easily ignored.