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Feb 9, 2010 04:41 AM

Bar Menu in Delaware County

Any suggestion for a good a place with a decent bar menu in Delaware County?
Not just Chicken Wings and Roast Beef Sandwich

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  1. I am thinking that the Media area might be your best bet. I do not have any specific recs though - sorry. It is very challenging to find good food in Delco.

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    1. re: Displaced California Foodie

      I thought of another place: D'Ignazio's Towne House in Media.

      The appetizers are great and the "TH Light" menu looks pretty good. We had the calamari with our meal and it was fresh, lightly breaded and cooked just right --- The calamari were tender and the marinara sauce was excellent. We did not have cocktails but the bar was packed and looked like a great place to hang out.
      Our dinner was very good to excellent but the best part of the meal was the excellent service by Fran B., our waiter: high energy, friendly with personal attention and he was quick and efficient.

      1. re: Displaced California Foodie

        Amen to that, brother. I work in Media. I pack my lunch. IMHO there are only two places worth a damn. Azie and Nadia Thai (formerly "Noodie"). Thinking of trying the Indian place on State Street even though I'm not a big fan of Indian food.

        1. re: Rondo

          Rondo- try eating lunch at "House" at 110 S. Jackson Street
          Go early - can get packed at lunchtime. Healthy unique lunch options: salads and sandwiches. Let me know what you think.

          1. re: Displaced California Foodie

            I've been to House several times but stopped going. The first couple of times it was really good. But my last two trips there have been less than. It has to do with the bread they use for the panninis. One time the bread was downright "squishy". Ew. I realize I am in the distinct minority here. It's a shame because I was really high on it when it first opened, it was like a breath of fresh air. I hear the salds and soups, especially the gazpacho, are good so perhaps I'll give it another try.

      2. Iron Hill Brewery in Media is pretty good.

            1. re: FISHINC

              Yes, in Wayne PA. That is in Delco (I thought it was Montco but googled for confirmation).