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Help - need to send a fruit basket (delivered) froms somewhere in London ASAP [moved from Home Cooking]

itryalot Feb 9, 2010 02:59 AM

Just found out a family member was seriously ill this past weekend and hospitalized. Want to send a foodie basket, or a nice fruit basket, but I live out of town.
Where can I send one that they will deliver?

  1. i
    itryalot Feb 19, 2010 11:37 PM

    Thanks all. Not a fan of the Edible Arrangements. Looks pretty but flavour can be bleh.

    1. Rabbit Feb 10, 2010 10:29 AM

      Try Jill's Table - http://www.jillstable.ca/

      My stepmother got us baskets from this local merchant last Christmas and they were really beautiful. I'm sure she could help you out.

      1. p
        phoenikia Feb 10, 2010 09:11 AM

        Wright's Send a Basket is first place I'd go, since they've been doing it the longest in London, and have a good reputation:

        There is an edible arrangements place in Hyde Park, if you want to send a fruit bouquet.

        Remark has great gift baskets (the one I received was in the $80-$100 range), but they don't have a website as far as I know. They probably would deliver one, if you call & ask. For foodie items, Remark's basket would probably be a little more deluxe than a Wright's basket.

        Here is Remark's contact info: http://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/Ontario...

        I wasn't that impressed by Sunripe the last time I was there.

        1. c
          cecilia Feb 10, 2010 03:57 AM

          Edible Arrangements would probably have a London ON location:

          Otherwise just googling "London Ontario gift basket" got tons of hits:

          1. k
            kookiegoddess Feb 9, 2010 12:11 PM

            I would send something from a food hall like harrods, selfridges or fortnums - I've had a daughter in hospital and most places have an m&s very near to the hosp - so great to send things that are nice on toast, decent tea bags or coffee, or a delicious slice of pork pie or game pie or something for a snack. Or at least if you're sending fruit, make sure it's interesting fruit! I ate TONS of grapes and bananas....

            1. babybat Feb 9, 2010 10:38 AM

              Try Riverford (http://www.riverford.co.uk/) lovely organic fruit, and they do a fruit only box as well as veg boxes. Marks & Spencer also do fruit baskets (http://bit.ly/aTWZSG) as do Interflora (http://bit.ly/dxFjHp)

              1. zuriga1 Feb 9, 2010 03:59 AM

                Fortnum & Mason does very nice gift baskets, but I'm not sure about fruit. I would imagine they do. I usually get one from relatives in America, and they are quite posh.I think the same would be true of Harvey Nichols, Selfridge's etc.

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