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Feb 9, 2010 12:11 AM

RIP part III: Austin Restaurant Closings

We're sadly over a 100 posts on RIP 2, lots of restaurants are closing around Austin right now. It's hard to fathom why the perpetually busy Mother Egan's is going under. They always seemed extremely busy. I'll be curious to see what opens in that space as it's a prime location.

What restaurants are closing in your neighborhood?

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  1. The folks from Molotov are taking it over. On a happier note, Thai Tara is also going, Mulberry owners are making it a gastro pub, can't wait! More news, Texas French Bread on SoCo is turning into a Wahoo's Fish Taco.

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    1. re: fabulousdrinksaustin

      I just saw today on Rob Balon's website that Thai Tara was closing. That sucks! That was by far my favorite downtown Thai to eat at when I am in Austin. And yes, I've been to the other favorites in a 10 mile radius.


      1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

        Sorry that you are losing your favorite, but I have to admit I'm happy to see a mediocre restaurant being replaced by what I hope is an outstanding restaurant.

        1. re: angusb

          the cocktails, at least, will be fantastic: word is bill norris (currently of fino) will be behind the stick.

    2. Went to Cafe de Bella for some Bon Mi, and found they were closed down. The space is going to be a cajun food place, called "Crazy Cajun." Just about ruined my Saturday.

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      1. re: feck

        that sucks. i used to go there for cheap bahn mi all the time. how time ravages mans accomplishments....

        1. re: feck

          Seriously? They had my favorite bánh mì in town. Completely inauthentic, but oh so yummy!

          1. re: thrackle

            Not trying to stir anything up, just learning: how was it completely inauthentic? They made their own charcuterie and had some really good french rolls from HOU. They even used different rolls for different sandwiches....

            I haven't been to Vietnam or anything (I'd like to), so I'm not sure what actual bahn mi authenticity is.

            1. re: rudeboy

              Sorry! Slip of the toungue, brought on by commenting in the 'authenticity' thread. Let me change that to read "Completely unlike the bánh mì I've had anywhere else" :-). The crust wasn't as 'crusty' as most I've had, and the bread was denser.

              I'm not sure it even makes sense to talk about the authenticity of bánh mì: I'm sure you know as much as, if not more than, me about the origins, but it's a 'fusion' dish that was invented during the French occupation of Indochina that's been evolving ever since. No one talks about the authenticity of other fusion cuisine, so why worry about the authenticity of this, youknowhatimean?

              1. re: thrackle

                That makes sense. I'd imagine that even over in Vietnam, the variety covers a broad range. Lord, I love bahn all forms.

          2. re: feck

            Boo. While I have not tried many banh mi restaurants in Austin, I did know that I enjoyed Cafe De Bella's version a lot and liked to combine lunchtime post office runs with a stop there.

            I guess I'll have to find a new place that isn't too far away from the Oak Knoll area. I don't care much for Baguette House's version (too dry, but I guess I could start asking for extra pate & mayo). Haven't had Lily's yet...

            1. re: verily

              Yeah, it's a serious bummer. The grilled pork banh mi was my favorite of the genre. And they were just so darn friendly!

              I was particularly fond of their iced coffee too. Tam's Deli on North Lamar is a good alternative, but these guys will be missed.

              1. re: puddles

                Pho Van has a pretty solid grilled pork banh mi in the same shopping center (better pork, worse bread; a wash in the end if you ask me).

              2. re: verily

                Try Tam Deli on North Lamar. I crave their bahn mi weekly! The bread is made in house, and all the ingredients are fresh and delish.

              1. re: bookgrrl72

                They just updated again and said they were closed for only one night and will be open tomorrow.

                1. re: TerryMtz

                  Evita's Botanita on S. 1st is gone. We went to DK's Seoul Food on Friday and the Evita's sign was gone and the space is completely empty. They weren't my favorite but the tower of salsa was amazing.

              2. Looks like Louie's 106 is a goner:


                Louie's 106
                106 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

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                  1. re: jwynne2000

                    Good riddance. I had went there once and it was abysmal. I thought they had "tapas" but all they had were deep-fried TGIFriday's-style appetisers.

                    1. re: jwynne2000

                      That's a real shame. I went there many times and it was always very good. I loved the decor and the food I had was great. I especially like the clams casino; I think that was probably the only place in the city that had them.

                      It was nice to have a place downtown that was more of an "old school" restaurant. Unfortunately, considering modern economics, it will probably be replaced by some place that has the character of a Los Angeles shot bar.

                      1. re: Thorkel

                        Well, LA people don't call Austin "Little LA" for nothing!

                        Is this the same Thorkel that was posting a few years ago?

                        1. re: rudeboy

                          Yeah, I used to haunt the restaurant board back in the dim and distant past when the Austin paper actually hosted discussion forums. Don't know why they gave that up. I guess actually being useful to their customer base was too much strain.

                      2. re: jwynne2000

                        that's sad...oh well, I guess once they took the marvelous whole sardine dish off the menu, the writing was on the wall...

                      3. I was at Northcross Mall last week and walked over to Veranda but they we shuttered (apparently for quite some time but I had not been).