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Feb 8, 2010 08:04 PM

Good lunch spot in Northfield?

Hey, everyone. So, we're headed out to Northfield on a college visit this weekend, and we'll be wrapping up around lunchtime. Is there anywhere to grab lunch and see the little downtown (we want my sister to like it!) or are we better off just sticking to the dining halls?


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    1. You can definitely have experiences other than those on campus, and I would recommend looking at the town a bit, too!

      If you want to be in downtown Northfield, there are a few good lunch options. I would recommend these:

      Chapati: Indian buffet, in the Archer House hotel.
      Bitterwsweet: Sandwiches and soups, in the Archer House hotel.
      Hogan Brothers: Hoagies and sandwiches, on Division street between 4th and 5th.
      The Hideaway: Sandwiches, salads, and paninis, on Division street between 4th and 5th.

      If you don't need to be on the main street, other options are:
      Sosa's Market and Restaurant: Mexican food, many options especially on the weekend, at Highway 3 and 2nd St.
      The Ole Cafe: Sandwiches, salads, pizzas, etc. near the St. Olaf campus.
      Kurry Kabab: Indian buffet, south of town on Highway 3.

      I work in Northfield and regularly eat lunch in town. My favorite without a doubt is Sosa's. If I want sandwiches, The Hideaway is usually my choice, and for Indian I prefer Kurry Kabab.

      Links are not working for me right now. I hope I provided enough information to find these places. Northfield is small!

      1. I lived in Northfield a few years ago, and at the time my favorites were Basil's pizza and Hogan Brothers. Or if you are up for a challenge, head out past I-35 and go to Boonie's and try the Boonie Boonie burger.

        1. so... I checked out this thread before I ate lunch in northfield. sosa's appears to now be called trifuna's. it was a little ragged but the food was exceptional. I ordered by speaking which was interpreted... what I ended up receiving was a big plate of pressed flat grilled pork with roasted prickly pear onions beans and rice. I do not know what it might be called but it was marvelous. a great surprise. I was lucky I do not speak spanish!

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            The interwebs says it's called El Triunfo and that it's pretty good.

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                  I guess I cannot even read Spanish... or English... still I thought the food was great... unexpected prickly pear...

          2. There is only one place in Northfield worth eating at: El Triunfo. If for some reason you can't eat there, leave town.