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Feb 8, 2010 07:06 PM

Dinner in downtown Jax on Saturday night?

We have an event on Saturday night at the Times Union Center. Looks like Chew is closed on Saturday night. We would like to park downtown and walk to dinner and the TU. Where should we go to dinner? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  1. Call Jerry at La Cena and get some reservations. He's right around the corner from Chew. Let them know that you're going to the show and when it starts, and he'll make arrangements to keep your leftovers until you can come back by and get them. (Trust me - you'll have leftovers.) La Cena is mainly for the regulars, but if you get into the habit, you'll probably become a regular - we did.

    You'll find wonderful pasta dishes, and service set up to get you out of the door on time, if you let them know when the show starts and that you plan to walk (takes about 10 minutes on foot from the restaurant.) Jerry won't have any problem telling you when you need to show up if you plan to get to the show on time. He doesn't hold back.

    I recommend the Trenette alla Cornelia (prosciutto, shittakes, and diced tomatoes) or the Trenette w/ pesto. The trenette is made fresh daily. Just wonderful. When you read the menu, you may have some questions - my advice is to go ahead and ask your questions, and roll with it. Enjoy.

    Don't settle for the Landing - you can do much better.

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      Thanks Mezz. Looks like Chew is open this Saturday for the opera. Next time La Cena for sure. How do we say that: La Sayna? or La Chena?

      1. re: marelyisdead

        That would be La Chaina - as in "chain of fools"

        Chain, chain, chain... :)