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Feb 8, 2010 06:18 PM


Hi .. this is my first post .. but I am looking for a nice restaurant to go to in Montreal on the weekend of Valentines .. not too expensive and we dont drink .. but my girl is a foodie .. so we are looking for something that has wicked cuisine and a nice price for 2 --- $35 - $70 (++). I think we are going to check Gibbys also .. but we are driving so if the place is hip and it serves like normal food (no elk, deer, seafood, etc - yikes lol) .. also like Italian .. that would be cool

Thanks in advance .. we will be staying in are of Rue St Jacques at a boutique hotel

p.s. - and where is the place to get the best french pastry???????????

p.p.s - is there a place somewhere in Montreal called 44? (steakhouse???) .. I think it is near a plaza .. but not sure if that the right place .. but a client brought me there and it was quite nice

thanks again

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  1. well as far as the best croissant i've ever had, its at kouign amann at mont royal and st laurent. they also have some different, but still good, croissants at linda's croissanterie on st matthieu and st catherines (i think its where it is)

    1. Doesnt St jaques just have by the hour motels??? lol

      i honestly think that gibbys is way too expensive if you plan to spend 70 for two (more like 70-80 dollars each).....anyways I have plenty of places to suggest but I wont... I dont think this is a serious question - seafood isnt normal???? wtv go to firegrill or baton rouge you will be happy

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        long time lurker here. I would imagine that bigman9999 is staying at either the Hotel Saint James or Le Place d'Armes, XIX Siecle, Suites on The River or using the backdoor of the InterContinental. There are an awful lot of boutique hotels in Old Montreal and quite a few of them are on Saint Jacques.

        And while I would not disagree with the suggestion of Kouign Amann, I am also very fond of the offerings at La Patisserie Belge and the Duc de Lorraine.

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          Patisserie Belge passed its prime years ago, unfortunately. It depends what the OP means by french pastries - desserts, or just things like croissants, but there's a thread or two here somewhere about pastries - but the usual suspects would be Mamie Clafoutis, Fous Desserts, and Le Fromentier, and I know there are a few more but I can't think of them now. Then there are the chains - Gascogne, Premiere Moisson, Pain Dore - not in the same league as the first three, but certainly better than what you can get in many other cities.

      2. For delicious pastry - check out Olive & Gourmando - 351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest - If you're staying on the part of St-Jacques that's in Old Montreal, then you'll probably be walking distance from the bakery.

        For the steakhouse, are you thinking of 40 Westt? That is out in the West Island (suburbs) so you'll definitely need your car.

        1. Steak restaurant you are probably refering to (near a plaza) is 40 Westt:
          Agree with Kpaxonite in not going to Gibbys..overpriced for what you get, and I would not describe it as "hip". Plenty of other restaurants in Montreal. I won't eleborate there are lots of posts on this board for you to peruse.

          1. For your dinner, here are two threads that are full of ideas:

            Recommendations for inexpensive yet romantic?

            Mid-range to high-end Montreal restos: personal reccos
            -> skip the high-end section as that'll be out of your budget range, but carswell's compiled a ton of other good ideas that might fit your criteria.

            Also, as Valentine's is coming up very soon and is on a weekend, I'd strongly recommend you make reservations as soon as you can.

            Have a great trip!