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Restaurant for guy's night out?

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I am putting together a dinner for about 10 men. Most are married and all are 34-40 years old. Our plan is to have dinnner (sometime between 7:00 and 8:00) and then go out afterward. Price is not really a limiting factor but value is more of a consideration. All of these diners will drink heavily (mostly cocktails and beer, perhaps red wine with steaks). I am looking for someplace that will allow us to have a good time and make a little noise while filling our bellys with good food. Staying downtown Dallas, Uptown, Park Cities is the best location. Last year we went to Javier's and it worked out well.

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  1. i can't speak for the food, but for atmosphere javier's is one of the few places that in dallas that is great for an upscale guys night out. if others say the food isn't top notch, check out the cigar bar at some point in the evening

    1. I would check out Steel. They have a wine room, just off the main dining room, enclosed in glass. You can still see what is going on in the restaurant, but your noise level is somewhat controlled.

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        If you are going to have sushi, Shinsei is the best. Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District has amazing food and fun atmosphere, but that may be too far for you. Hibiscus is good. I have heard the new Ocean Prime is good, it's right behind the Cresent, Bob's Steak house is good, Nick and Sam's....

      2. Thanks for the responses. Since we did Javier's last year we want to do someplace else this year. (I am a fan of Javier's Filet de Cantinflas, MMMMMM) We have been considering Nick and Sams, Trece (but I am having a hard time finding good reviews for this place so I might just go check it out for my self), and Al Bienet's. I am a fan of Hibiscus but I eat there frequently so I'd like to go somplace different. While I like sushi, I don't think it is the right choice for this occasion.

        Can anyone tell me more about Ocean Prime? I have not been there yet.

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          Forget Ocean Prime and instead, go to Oceanaire in the Westin Galleria. Superb fresh fish beautifully prepared.
          Great wine list. Beautiful dining room staffed with helpful, knowledgeable wait staff. My absolute favorite!

          And, Stephen Pyle's, Samar. Downtown.

        2. Also, Capital Grille. A perfect (manly) steakhouse.

          1. Al Biernet or Charlie Palmers would be my first thought for a he-man meal in Uptown vacinity.

            And, yea, Javiers is pretty kick ass. Greatness in cocktails and you can smoke a cigar still.

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              i'm just glad the food is still good at javiers. i hadn't eaten in a few years (not exactly in my budget) and didn't want to endorse something i wasn't sure about.

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                Ahh, Jon, I will have to take you up there some night. Thursday night at the cigar bar is particularly great.

            2. Forget Oceanaire in the Westin Galleria. It's for Mid-Western tourists and old ladies.
              Al Biernet is a sure thing, though.

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                I don't think Oceanaire is the right place fo this guys' night out, but I really disagree with your generalization. I live in Oak Cliff and am happy to drive to the Galleria to eat at Oceanaire, which I think has the best combination of great seafood and perfect service in Dallas. I am not from the midwest, old, or female.

                That being said, Al Biernet is a good recommendation. It's always loud and fun in there and a group of guys would fit right in. Nick and Sams would also work well. Although the food is maybe not quite up to Al Biernet's, the bar scene and the visual attractions there would be good for a guys' night out. If you want to head to Bishop Arts, Tillman's and Bolsa would probably be more fun than Hatties. If you want to do the downtown bar scene, go to Charlie Palmer: excellent food and you can then go up to the bar by the pool if it's nice outside or down to PM.

              2. Ok, I guess I am back to Al Biernet's or Nick and Sam's. Al Biernet's was my initial choice but the bar action at Nick and Sam's does add a positive element. Thanks for all the feedback. I think Bishop arts is going to be too far. I don't want any of these folks driving so cabbing it to Oak Cliff may be a turnoff for some of these guys. Un fortunately. Tillmans was an option I was initially considereing but I eliminated it early.

                1. Al Biernat's and Nick and Sam's are solid choices. Out of the two, Nick and Sam's is the better option for Guys' Night Out.

                  I would pass on Trece and Oceanaire. The food at both places is very mediocre. Side note: If you want to try Trece, go on Customer Appreciation Monday--free two course meal. Mediocre food becomes good when its free. Their sister restaurant, Villa-O, runs the same special.

                  Ocean Prime is the new kid on the block for the see and be seen crowd. The food is pretty decent, but there is something to be said about the bar scene--it is fun and lively. Another great option.

                  Dragonfly and Charlie Palmer are worthy mentions as well. You can come for dinner and stay for the night life. I prefer Dragonfly over Charlie Palmer.

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                    Funny you say Dragonfly, I was thinking that last night. Cool bar, good food, and chiquitas.

                    Also hot right now is Tei-An. They have that new roof bar that is pretty cool, and the food is awesome.

                    I like the flagship Stephan Pyles on Ross. Big haunch of beef in the bone-in ribeye. Cool bar.