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Best Hot Dogs and Ice Cream in Upstate New York

My vote goes to Stewarts Shops. Their ice cream is equal to a lot of gourmet ice creams and their hot dogs with the fixin's are the best.
I took 'em for granted when I lived up there but what I wouldn't give to fix up a couple of those bright red cajun dogs with meat sauce and chopped onions, grab a paper and a cup of coffee and sit at a booth to enjoy my lunch. Buy a gallon (only 40 cents more than a pint) of Death by Chocolate on my way out the door and I'm a happy man.

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  1. I certainly agree with the assessment of Stewarts ice cream. Don't necessarily agree with the hot dog part of your post, since in many of the Stewarts the dogs have sat around much too long in the steamer. My vote on hot dogs would be Hot Dog Charlies in the Capital District. Course, most of your post, and my reply, will mean nothing to the usual New York City posters who think upstate is the ten miles north of the George Washington Bridge

    1. I buy my heavy cream from Stewarts as it's the only cream I can find other than from local farms (can't always get to them) that is not ultra-pasteurized. However, when it comes to ice cream--no doubt I am an ice cream snob, but the list of ingredients in Stewarts is beyond off-putting--it's downright unhealthy (yeah, an oxymoron when talking ice cream, but....) And as a chocolate fan, it was Death by Chocolate I was looking at. Full of preservatives, thickeners and questionable other stuff.

      1. i like jane's ice cream. soul dog in poughkeepsie has good hot dogs. i'm curious about this place i recently heard about...noshi's coney island...


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          I'm with you on Jane's; think it's the best regionally produced ice cream. Harder to find but definitely quality.

        2. What about Kurver Kreme on Central Ave in Albany (Colonie)? Excellent soft serve.


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            I'll side with Jane's as well. they have a coffee Kahlua ice cream that should be illegal.

            For hot dogs I have to give it to my one true love...Dallas Hot Wieners in Kingston. So wrong and yet so very, very right at the same time.

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              I'm counting the days until the Jolly Cow ice cream stand in Kingston opens again. Last year, it opened in late March. Another great place is the Coney Island ice cream stand in Catskill. I'm not a hot dog expert, but 5 Guys Burgers and Fries in Kingston has good ones, albeit greasy! Greasy, but good!

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                For soft serve I've gotta go with Holy Cow in Red Hook although Boice's Dairy in Kingston has the largest servings by far!

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                  I remember when Boice's used to be Babcock's.

          2. Stewart's is okay for a cheap mass-market ice cream but the "best"? No way! Try The Ice Cream Man in Greenwich. It even made TIME magazine! And, if you just want chains, Ben & Jerry's is seriously better than Stewart's.

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              Gerchack: is the Ice Cream Man the shop next to the Washington County Fairgrounds? If not, please tell me more!

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                  Love their cantaloupe ice cream, when available.

            2. Stewarts Philly Vanilla won the World's best vanilla prize at the World Dairy Expo.I've had it. I agree.

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                That contest was for mass-market ice cream. Read the Stewart's Philly Vanilla label.

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                  Thanks gerchak; I almost wrote the same but decided some care about this, some don't.

              2. Back in the days when I ate meat I could swallow several Broadway Diner (and other Greek diners in Schenectady) hot dogs with everything. Yummy meat sauce.

                Agree with other posters, if you read Stewart's ice cream label it has many additives. When I read an ice cream label I look for cream, etc. not preservatives. I believe their milk is top rated in NY. Stewart's is a big employer and gives back to the community, but their food is all processed and scares me. I buy ice and gas there :)

                Is Duchers still around? If you drive on Guilderland Avenue, heading to Western Avenue you'd get there. Apologies, my directions are not good. I liked their ice cream when I was a kid.

                Where can I get some Jane's?????

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                  Jane's website has a link to where to find. I stumbled onto it at a small shop (the General Store? newish, cute little shop) on the main street in Valatie. I think it might be easier to find when you're in NYC.