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Feb 8, 2010 05:08 PM

Late night Chinatown - this weekend

Coming to SF with a few colleagues for a board meeting - we are going to be at the Fillmore Saturday night for a charity benefit for Haiti - but being that it's Chinese New Year - we thought it might be fun to head over to Chinatown for grub after the show.. any thoughts or recommendations as we are totally naive here... otherwise we will take any suggestions for late night eating...

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  1. Yuet Lee on Stockton and Broadway is very good.... it's a little hole in the wall, but with good food, and they stay open until 3 am.

    Sam Wo also stays open late, but seems to be more popular wih the post-binge drinking crowd.

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      In the old days, a very eccentric guy named Edsel Ford Fong used to preside over the late night scene at Sam Wo. He was incredibly surly and would often refuse to bring you what you ordered, serving instead something of his own choosing. He would outright insult customers, but was so strange that he was almost endearing and people put up with him--even went there for the experience of being abused by him.

    2. You'll actually be close to the "Chinatown" in the Richmond but one thing to be aware of is that some businesses may be closed for the New Year's holiday. Traditionally for families the Eve of New Year's is a time to have a meal together. There are restaurants open even on New Year's day ( Sunday ) but many businesses are closed. But off hand I don't have any specific info on whose open.....

      1. You might check and see how late San Wang (also sometimes known as Sam Wang, Sam Wong and San Wong -- last time I was there it was spelled each of those four ways somewhere in the restaurant) is open -- it's walking distance from the Fillmore and has good-to-very-good Shandong/Korean influenced food, including hand-pulled noodles (ask specifically which dishes have hand-pulled noodles, although late and night they might be out).