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Feb 8, 2010 04:57 PM

Planning trip to Kentucky - Louisville to Cumberland Gap

I'm planning an RV trip Kentucky to do some history research but I'm also a foodie. I want to find restaurants, mainly for lunch, that serve traditional Kentucky fare. But because of the RV I'll be cooking as well and I like treats, such as local cheeses, wines, cured meats, fresh meat and poultry, vegetables, especially those not usually available elsewhere, such as rapes. I'm particularly interested in Bardstown, Danville, Covington, Louisville. But, I'm flexible because I don't know where my research will lead.

I'm fussy about food in that it must tasty and well-made. I'm fussy about raw materials in that they must be well-tended and fresh (except for beef which must be well-aged). But beyond that I'm open.

While I don't believe that this new movement called sustainable agriculture will ever succeed in feeding our nation, I do believe that it will raise the bar so I support it. Over time the the big growers will be forced to change their practices. So I'd like to find local farmers.

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  1. Stop at Creation Gardens in Louisville for produce and locally-made products. Also Value Market in Mid-City Mall Around the corner from Creation Gardens is the Kentucky Bison Co.

    There are farmers' markets all over Louisville--we have been buying greens and root vegetables at the Bardstown Road market (between Deerwood and Deer Park Ave.) http://www.bardstownroadfarmersmarket... in the past couple of weeks, and things will pick up quickly in the next 5 or 6 weeks.

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      The Bardstown Rd. farmers' market is a GREAT lead mamaciita -- I think it's the best farmers' market in town. I second this one, Scoffer -- it's a great place for breakfast as well as local produce and meats! The one in St. Matthews at Beargrass Christian Church is pretty great too, but I don't know what their schedule is.

      There are a TON of restaurants in Louisville that serve Kentucky classics and use local products. A friend of mine who used to work at Limestone Cafe was an avid gardener and supplied the chef with heirloom tomatoes all summer long -- can't get much more local than that! Limestone would be a good place, but we're mighty proud of our Capriole Farms cheese, our country ham, and our local fruits and veggies, so you can pretty much be sure of getting something locally-produced at just about any upscale place in town. The restaurants at the Brown and Seelbach hotels, Napa River Grill... there's a place way out in the East End in an old house that I can't for the life of me think of the name of, but I know they use local produce too.

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        Thanks. I look forward to trying your suggestions.