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Feb 8, 2010 04:54 PM

Dixie's Smokehouse (Kings Park, Long Island) - Ok BBQ

Checked this place out in the last week based on MCF's recommendation. Didn't really have time to give it a completely thorough test but at first taste i would say that it was more than passable and worth a shot. They do have a smoker on site so the ribs are smoked. I had the ribs. Gave a good bark although I think it could have a smokier taste. Meat fell off the bone if you like that kind of thing. Taste was good but nothing new or exciting. The sauce (i tried the original) was pretty standard for BBQ places (note: i prefer the sweet heat concept myself).

I'd write something longer but just not much else to report. I went, I ate, it was good - above average for LI probably - but nothing new for the true believer. I will probably return to try some of the other stuff. I guess what I am saying it was kind of average on the whole.

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  1. I had the barbecue and it was OK. They offer gifts certificates on for Dixie.


    1. That's about our experience, better than average around here and worth it to scratch the itch. Agree the smoky taste wasn't strong, though the smell in the car of leftovers sure was. My rib was not at all fall apart tender, so I'm jealous of you for that. It's a lot better than Smokin' Sloes, the closer to us option. Did you have any of the chicken? That was very, very good. I don't use any sauce on mine. The collards were very good and smoky.

      We'll go back, too, though probably not that often.

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        Mrs. StrongIsland had the collard greens. I've had better as had she. But like you said, it scratches the itch. And I will go back to try that chicken. Although since I got a smoker now I will more likely be working on my own ribs.

        1. re: StrongIsland

          I got a Cameron stove top smoker when I gave up on q locally. I have some Berkshire pork ribs from D'Artagnan defrosting now. We'll have a hickory smoke house kinda day tomorrow. I think it's kind of odd how intensely smoky my leftover rib smelled in the car, but didn't taste that strongly of it when eaten. Comparing those collards to the old Hog House, I thought they were much better at Dixie's.

          1. re: mcf

            was that the place on jericho, near 110? I checked that out a few years ago. I was disappointed so I never returned. Apparently others did the same since they closed.

            If you have a smoker at home you can really get that smoke taste. I have an outdoor smoker so i've actually got it so smoky that I need to actually cut back. Got overpowering (almost )on the ribs and the chicken.

            With my own smoker I can give up on trying BBQ restaurants here and in the city (not much to write home about there either from what I have seen and read). So much better making your own rub and sauce.

            1. re: StrongIsland

              Last winter I bought a Weber Smokey Mountain, and I have to agree -- homemade is way better than anything available locally, and really not all that much work. If you haven't done so already, buy a Nu-Temp remote thermometer. Saves always running outside to check on the temps. (I use 2, one for meat, one for chamber).

              D'Artagnan is also a good source for American Wagyu brisket - surprisingly not terribly expensive, and ridiculously marbled. I've made smoked brisket as well as home cured pastrami.

              1. re: sbp

                remote thermometer - I will be buying one asap. Although still have to check wood and water. I got a Brinkman gas smoker. It was a christmas gift and although the purist will say gas is cheating, it makes it a whole lot easier since you don't have to check the fire all the time and you can regulate heat. But you do need to make sure you have enough wood chips in there. the gas is just a way to make sure you have constant burn.

                People have dissuaded me from brisket because it dries out quick in the smoker. Plus Mrs. Strongisland makes very good brisket. But I think i will still be giving it a shot.

              2. re: StrongIsland

                It was excellent when it was first opened by a former Panama Hattie's chef, a big old smoker cranking out great stuff all day. But it changed hands after not too long and ribs were dry as dust half the time, everything went into steep decline.
                So if you didn't catch them very early on, you missed some very good bbq.

                My husband, not a bbq lover said the food at Virgil's was very good in NYC. Haven't tried it yet. I know I'm going to have to get a real smoker someday, but for now, I'm just happy not to have to go without.

                1. re: mcf

                  I was at Dixies soon after they opened and wasn't impressed. With Ruby's Famous in East Meadow and Sparky's in Farmingdale closing it looks like Long Island is a BBQ wasteland more so than ever.

                  Virgils is good, but RUB BBQ and Hill Country are the best in the city. If you get them on a good night, they are as good or better than any place in the country. RUB is the only BBQ joint I've ever been to that had competition quality food.


                  1. re: motoeric

                    Well, I thought the chicken was really moist and great, and I would've liked my beef rib and my husband's brisket a lot more had they been more tender and more smoky tasting. Sometimes you have to settle to scratch the itch, and while it wasn't a rave, I would go back to Dixie's again in a pinch, unlike Smokin' Sloes, the place that motivated me to start smoking stuff at home.

                    Thanks for the city reccos.