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Feb 8, 2010 04:46 PM

Special Lunch 4 A Very Special Daughter & Grandson

Hi, Everybody. I'm back, and as usual need your help. No, this post is neither about my two "adopted" granddaughtrers nor their mother. This post is about MY daughrer.Andrea is 43 years old. In itself, this doesn't make her special. What does is the fact that she's still alive. Andrea was born with cystic fibrosis, and not one of her many doctors gave her even a smideon of hope that she'd make it into her 9th birthday. I made a few promises to God if He would keep her alive. Well, she's still here and I have yet to break any of those promises.
Now, I need your help. Next Monday, she's coming down with my grandson so that I can take them both to lunch. My grandson is the typical 9 year old. It's hell trying to get him to eat something from most restaurants' menus. All he will eat is chicken nuggets, but can usually find something else to eat if the restaurant has a kid's menu. I live in Valley Village, surrounded by Studio City, Burbank, and North Hollywood. We won't have much time because Andrea's on a tight schedule. What I need is for you to give me any suggestions on your secret gems that you don't really want anybody else find out about, so that we can truly enjoy lunch and be out within an hour while not feeling as if we'd been rushed. BTW, deep appreciation for all of your suggestions where I could take those same "adopted" granddaughters and her mother for her birthday. Going to Damon's Steak House in Glendale. As deepest thanks. Jeff

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  1. Jeff, I have a very near and dear friend who supports a group trying to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and his name is Allen Balik. Every year they do an event called an Evening with the Wine Masters and Chefs or something to the like where various items are bid off to aid the fight. Having spoken with those whose children have this dreadful problem I can appreciate how thrilled you are. Now, on to restaurants. My recommendation is not going to be the greatest food you've ever had, but if you've not been before, I would recommend the Smokehouse in Toluca Lake. Great venue, historical and even the 9 year old might take a liking to the garlic bread. Really good salads and sandwiches and a really decent wine list.. One of the few remaining red booth seatings in Los Angeles.

    1. Folks, just a friendly reminder, please keep the focus on the food.