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Feb 8, 2010 03:51 PM

Where to eat before Canadians Game?

We're heading to Montreal for the Canadians game on Sat 2/20. Is there a good place to eat nearby Bell Center?

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  1. Depends what you want.

    Pub: ye olde orchard on mountain and rene levesque
    French: I hated it but many people seem to like it- La coupole , same corner but on rene levesque ... might be bit too fancy for a hockey night but they have a special table d hote on those nights for 35 dollars (Decca 77 is also the same price on stanley and rene levesque, very good)
    Italian: Marinara on Stanley near rene levesque- good value

    1. I'd suggest Decca77 right next to Bell Center. By the way, Canadians are people from Canada, Canadiens is the hockey team ;).

      1. You might want to check the date on your tickets! The Canadians are not playing on Feb 20 - there are no NHL games - they are on a break for the Winter Olympics

        1. I'll second the depends what you want. If your looking for a good meal, I agree Decca77 is probably the safest/closest bet combination, altough it's not a beer and burger place.
          Arlequino, on Drummond above René-Lévesque, has italian style pizza. Otherwise, you start going higher up into downtown, and then sky is the limit, as the options increase Exponentially. I like the pub food at Brutopia, and the beer is very good if you want to stick with the hockey theme.

          1. Actually the lower end of bishop isn't TOO far away either.. I like the food at the Irish Embassy and their beer is pretty good too

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              Newtown now have a special pre-game menu. 3 course for 33$