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Feb 8, 2010 03:49 PM

Fort Greene to Gramercy Relo' - Neighborhood Recommendations?

I just landed in my new place near E 18th & 2nd....Picked the neighborhood based on proximity to the Greenmarket, but the fact that one of my favorite restaurants is nearby (Casa Mono) is certainly a plus. I'm familiar with the area, but not as a resident. Can you help with recommendations? I'm going to Murray's Falafel tonight and I'm looking forward to trying the burger at Molly's, getting to The Smith for brunch and having Ess-a-Bagel nearby. What else should be on my list?

I'm looking for:

1. inexpensive mid-week dinners (dine in or take away)

2. great delivery (all cuisines)

3. the weekend brunch spot

4. the best coffee in the neighborhood

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  1. don't forget about Kalustyan's (28th & Lex) for excellent herbs & spices, nuts, dried fruit and ethnic ingredients!

    1. Inexpensive mid-week dinners try:
      Lamarca on 22nd & 3rd, great pasta, good prices
      Posto on 18th & 2nd, thin crust pizza
      Telephone Bar & Grill on 11th & 2nd
      The Lantern on 18th & 2nd, they have pretty good deals before 7 pm
      Japonais on 18th & park has happy hour every night until 10 pm. $4 drinks and food specials
      S'mac 12th between 1st & 2nd, mac n cheese
      The Smith, 3rd and & 11th

      Delivery - all of the above deliver as well, except for the happy hour special at Japonais

      Weekend Brunch:
      Barbounia, 22nd and park
      Pipa, 19th & broadway
      Rosa Mexicana, 18th & broadway
      Coffee Shop, Union Square
      Telephone Bar and Grill
      The Smith

      Coffee: Irving coffee on Irving and 18th (right by Casa Mono)

      There's also the Friend of a Farmer place on Irving for brunch. It's next to Irving Coffee. There's always a really long line to get in, though. I've eaten there a couple of times and personally don't think the line is worth it, but something attracts a large crowd there every weekend.

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        Just remembered a couple of more too:

        Piola on 12th & broadway - thin crust pizza with a large variety
        Vamos on 2nd & 20th, Mexican - they have specials every night
        El Cantenero, University & 12th, Mexican

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          I tried Lamarca last month and thought it was absolutely terrible. And the only other places I've tried are Pipa and Rosa Mexicana (meh), so thanks for the suggestions!

        2. Oh, and what about my local pub/dive bar?

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            in terms of history, you can't beat Pete's Tavern. you've also got Molly's, and Paddy Maguire's.