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Feb 8, 2010 03:36 PM

Is it Possible to "Pop in" to Mr. B's?

WIth your help in my previous posts, I have a pretty good idea of where we will be dining on our three-day trip to New Orleans next week. The problem is, that from everything I've read, I can't miss the BBQ shrimp here (nor do I want to!) but I don't have a meal to devote to Mr. B's.

Is it possible to squeeze this in as an extra, mini-meal? How would one go about doing this? I've seen references to going in and sitting at the bar, but I am wondering what I'd do with my kids -- can they sit there, too, and order a drink or a snack of their own? Is there a time of day this would work better than others? Or am I just going to have to miss this one?

(I also wouldn't mind popping into an oyster bar like Acme or Felix's for a dozen either, so feel free to give advice there, too.)


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  1. I usually have the bbq shrimp and a dessert which is plenty for me and I usually only eat one meal a day, two when in NO. I would say if you wanted it for an appetizer like meal, you could split it with someone and it would be perfect. It comes with bread for dipping so if you lay off of that, you probably would be just fine with it all to yourself. But eat all of the sauce sopped up in the bread and I think you'll have a full belly for quite awhile. I bet you that you won't be able to resist the sauce and bread though ...........

    We walk in for lunch during the week, no problem. For weekends or evenings, I'd make reservations because I'd be one mad redhead if I missed my bbq shrimp while there.

    I don't care for Acme so much, it's okay but the wait is too long. If it were a wait for bbq shrimp at Mr. B's, I'd be there and slap anyone that tried to cut in line!!

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      I am convinced I will love this dish -- the problem is, do I make everyone go with me so I can experience it?
      Here are the options (or opportunities, depending on your perspective ;-)):
      1) We could go there for dinner Friday night, before or after a ghost tour. Our other ideas were Irene's, Pascal Manale, or something like Mandina's if we don't stay in the Quarter.
      2) We could go for Saturday lunch -- we are hoping to do a swamp tour but we have no meals planned or other plans until our evening at the Tulane game and Jacques-Imo.
      3) I can try to squeeze in a visit to the bar while the kids have a Coke -- but then also risk not being able to fit it in.
      What do you recommend? I'm also wondering if the atmosphere is casual enough and what you'd recommend the non-BBQ shrimp eaters eat.

      1. re: jaschultze

        If you go at night, you should have a reservation, especially on a Friday night. Pascal's bbq shrimp are good too but just haven't been what they once were. I prefer Mr. B's but would return to Pascal's without a second thought.

        I make it a "must do" when I'm there, I would be upset if I couldn't get my Mr. B's bbq shrimp. My husband won't peel shrimp so he always orders other things off the menu and loves everything he's had there. I remember him having some kind of pasta with seafood that he loved. But I always give him ONE shrimp and he said this year he's going to peel shrimp because the bbq shrimp are just too good.

        Here is their menu:

        I've had their seafood gumbo and it's good.

        If you are working around tours and/or it's a weekend, I'd get reservations. Weekends are usually crowded in the Quarter. I've walked in on a Friday at 11:30 or so and was able to get a table but it filled up fast.

        1. re: jaschultze

          there's great burger on the menu, if the kids want burgers.
          I've had the kitchen peel my shrimp, just ask beforehand.
          the plank grilled fish is always good. I usually get the gumbo ya ya, but on occasion their daily soup is good enough to sway me.

          1. re: edible complex

            The daily soup at Pascal's is also very good. And I love Pascal's remoulade.

      2. One of the things I love about Mr. B's is their treatment of their customers. My DH and I popped in there on a Thursday afternoon at 3:00. They were technically closed, but the wonderful waiter at the bar welcomed us in. We had several drinks, gumbo, and duck rolls. He chatted with us and never balked about us lingering. We left him a tip that showed our appreciation. They truly appreciate their customers.

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        1. re: FoodChic

          I've had the same royal treatment there. I asked one of my servers where the ladie's room was and he told me downstairs and before I could get up, he'd had a guy come and escort me to the staircase - as it's kind of hard to see when there's a crowd in there. The service was outstanding and very friendly. We were never rushed and we were there at lunch time with a big crowd. The waitstaff are either very personable guys or good actors :-)

        2. So disappointed!!

          It turns out that hubby and I found a night to go to Mr. B's (after all the kids pooped out and just wanted to stay in), so we set off on Friday night and arrived just around 9:20 p.m.The hostess wouldn't seat us, telling us the place was closed (despite still being 2/3 full). Seriously? I would *never* have imagined a place like that would close at 9 pm on a weekend! So, after the disappointment, nothing sounded even remotely as good and we ended up at Domenica, which was fine but not at all what I wanted.

          I guess the BBQ shrimp have to wait until another trip -- if I can get over the grudge I am holding toward Mr. B's!

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          1. re: jaschultze

            I always recommend reservations. I know it's hard with kids in tow to know your schedule. The only time I eat in NO without reservations is if the restaurant doesn't take reservations or if it's lunch on a week day. I'm not there often enough to miss my bbq shrimp!!! Or my boudin balls at Boucherie.

            1. re: jaschultze

              That's surprising. I wonder if something else was going on? Definitely try to get that grudge squashed before you return.

              1. re: kukubura

                Checking their website it clearly states that they close at 9:00 so arriving at 9:20 would pretty much guarantee that you wouldn't be seated. I spend a lot of time researching my meals before going to NO. l always make dinner reservations because you never know when a popular place has a private party going on or something of that sort. I make lunch reservations if it's on the weekend or somewhere that I don't want to miss. One year a place may be new and not have anyone in there at lunch yet and the next year you can't get in the door at lunch on a weekday.

                1. re: texasredtop

                  Somewhere on my iPhone it said that it closed at 10 p.m. but it's true that it says 9 p.m. on the website and in any event, I didn't check it before we set out. We had reservations everywhere else and had no problems. This was certainly a last-minute decision and we were definitely prepared to wait -- just not to find a "closed" restaurant on a Friday night.