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Feb 8, 2010 03:33 PM

Drinking Seattle (caffinated & alcoholic)

Heading to Seattle this coming weekend for good friends and good food - and need to scratch a few itches that are kinda unreachable here in Nashville (at least in volume) - espresso & cocktails - great ones.

I'd appreciate feedback on the below lists... what should we not miss? what should we skip? anywhere to add? thoughts? We're looking for well mixed classic cocktails or inventive new ones, and a really well pulled shot of espresso, perhaps made into a blissful cappuchino. We'll be there from Friday noon till Monday eve.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Cafe Vita
Cafe Ladro
Cafe Fiore

Zig Zag

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  1. try stumptown. my new fav.

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    1. re: akq

      Re: cocktails:

      All those places make very good drinks, but I've heard Licorous is currently closed. Zig Zag is going to be the most comprehensive in terms of liquors, but I think maybe Spur and Vessel will be getting into housemade bitters/tinctures.

      As an alternative, I just recently went to Liberty and was impressed with the selection there, even if the bar doesn't have the same resume/cachet as the others.

    2. The only Nico I know in coffee is not a shop, but a (truly fine) espresso drink at Vivace - not to be missed.

      1. To your cocktail list I would add Rob Roy, Tavern Law, Moshi Moshi and Oliver's Twist, as well as Liberty, which equinoise mentions below.

        1. For cocktails, I would add Tavern Law. You can walk there from Licorous.

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          1. re: cocktailhour

            Thanks... adding Rob Roy, Tavern Law, Moshi Moshi, Libery & Oliver's Twist to my list. The Licorous website indicates they are open...

            Which of these places are worth getting small plates at (or which serve them)? I ate at Crush last time I was in Seattle and loved it, and we're headed to Boat Street Cafe with friends Saturday night, but I suspect we'll need some "landing pad" for the drinks....

            1. re: MsAC

              Public health agents and CH posters are in agreement: Don't Drink on Empty

              Licorous always an interesting menu of small stuff, but I haven't tried them since I have only been while waiting for Lark (commonly owned). Spur's food is outstanding, esp. the pork belly sliders and the one-off burgers (buffalo, ostrich etc.), if they have them. Haven't tried the food at any of the other cocktail places mentioned, but I noticed that Liberty has a small sushi station.

              1. re: equinoise

                The sushi at Liberty is very good.

              2. re: MsAC

                ZIg Zag's food is just bruschetta and a few other relatively common dishes. Decent food to have food with drinks, but I wouldn't go out of my way. Vessel has very small snacky food, again purely as small nosh with drinks. Tavern Law has a very nice menu, a little more small plates than shareables. Spur has lots of good options. Last time I was at Licorous, they didn't have anything I wanted to try. Maybe it was an off night. In conclusion, I would go to (1) Spur and (2) Tavern Law when I was the hungriest. I always order food too when I drink.