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Feb 8, 2010 03:16 PM

Turkish Food

Does anyone have any suggestions for Turkish Food in the North East or South East?

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  1. I have a colleague from Turkey who will emphatically tell anyone who asks this question, "There is no real Turkish food in Portland." He recommends Ya Hala, though, as the Middle Eastern restaurant that comes the closest.

    1. Please anyone from Sahara's in in Portland!!! I do miss Turkish swordfish kebabs.

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      1. re: cheeseisheaven

        I miss Sahara's too. "Let's MEAT at Sahara." ;o)

      2. A Turkish food truck just open in the Havana Cafe spot on Division...

        1. We stopped by a Turkish food cart on SW 4th & Hall:

          The owner is Turkish and was also offering cooking classes! While you are there, take $4 and hand it to the owners of Dosirak in exchange for some of the most delicious gyoza (dumplings) I've ever had!

          1. there is this guy:

            I can say that they taste pretty damn good, but delivery time does take it's toll on pita quality so keep that in mind.

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              I haven't tried Secret Kebab yet, but I have to say his twitter feed is awesome. For example, one of my favorites recently:
              "I am for the market!! Which kind of green leafs you wil want on kebab this night?! Lettuce I wil not in winter!! Strong leafs only!!"