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Feb 8, 2010 02:34 PM


My wife and I will be in Boston next week. Looking for a high end place for dinner.
Looking at my list of places, my wife says either Sorellina or Erbaluce.

Any suggestions?

Ken B

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  1. Erbaluce. Sorellina is good but Erbaluce is special.

    1. They feel completely different from each other. I think of Sorellina when I think of high-end. Erbaluce is much more intimate. I think your meal will be delicious at either place, but inside, they're night and day from each other, so it probably comes down to how you define high-end.

        1. re: bakerboyz

          Very different places. Erbaluce has a more rustic, traditional approach to northern Italian food. At this time of year, the menu will probably include a variety of game meats (changes daily). I had a rabbit dish there that was incredible. Sorellina feels more refined than erbaluce (at a cost). Your portions will be smaller, but they will also be out this world.

          If money is no object, I'd go with Sorellina. I've heard a few grumblings recently about erbaluce's inconsistency or how there were issues with service. I've only experienced great food with very friendly service, so I will continue to go back. Another option in the same area is Via Matta. Great food, great service and very consistent. I like it better than both Sorellina and erbaluce.

          Couldn't disagree more about Prezza. If you want an expensive meal with an excessively huge list of wines (90% of which are unaffordable), then I'd choose Prezza. Every time I've been there has been underwhelming. Still good, but not in the same league as the other three.

          1. re: ecwashere7

            I guess we can agree to disagree. I have not been to Erbaluce but I have been to Via Matta several times and Sorellina once and found them both to be good not great. On the other hand, my one recent dinner at Prezza was maybe the best meal I have had in Boston in a very long time, absolutely delicious.

            1. re: bakerboyz

              and, to showcase that tastes differ, I do not like Via Matta (find both the food and the service consistently inconsisten), find Sorrelina too grand and too pricey, love Erbaluce, and think Prezza is ok, but definitely a rung below the others in quality and interest of food.

        2. I agree with other posters, the two places are really very different. I'd offer a different way of making your decision as the food is excellent at both. If you are willing to sit at the bar, I'd go with Erbaluce. The dining room is too bright and not comfy enough. If you would prefer to sit in a pretty dining room, Sorellina is where it's at.

          1. erbaluce is a completely different philosophy of cooking -- draghi uses no butter or cream. everything is reasonably priced and just terrific, in a much more casual setting. he also uses foods lower on the price scale, like sardines and smelts instead of lobster. sorrelina is good, but very spendy and imho just not worth it.

            prezza is one of my faves though and you may also want to consider scampo.

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            1. re: hotoynoodle

              Oh, he uses butter. Especially in the tuna pate. Deeeelish!

              But your point is well-taken noodle, he has a much lighter touch on these flavor carriers than most chefs.