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Feb 8, 2010 02:13 PM

In town on business

I am looking for moderately priced off-strip restaurants for dinner.

My expenses cap off at $55 so I would like to keep it around there.

Places I have tried:

Raku - love it to death
Lotus of Siam (did not like it)
Rosemary's - Love it
Blue (Culinary institutes restaurant)
Firefly - Decent
RE Tapas - decent
Orchid Garden - Best pineapple buns ever
Cafe Babareba - not impressed

I am pretty much up for anything.

I want to avoid Casino because I am allergic to smoke.

I am here Monday-Thursday.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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  1. If you enjoy real Italian pizzas, try Settebello at The District in Henderson. (It's across the street from GVR, so no worries about cigarette smoke here.)

    For a great "Italian-American Gastropub" WAY off The Strip, try Off The Strip in Southern Highlands if you're renting a car. The food here is among the best you'll find away from the big casinos.

    For something more romantic and quite French, try Marche Bacchus in Summerlin. This bistro has a great wine list, fabulous food, and a gorgeous Desert Shores views.

    1. Todd's Unique in Henderson would be a good choice. They also have free corkage on Wednesdays.

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        This is where I went today. In a word, perfect. The food was great, the waitstaff made you feel like you mattered and the menu choices were limited but interesting. Just loved it. They even worked very hard to accommodate my sensitivity to onions. They worked very hard at making sure that I knew about everything that was in a dish and were willing to make substitutions as necessary. Very impressive.