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Feb 8, 2010 01:33 PM

11pm reservation a APDC

Hi everyone! I'm having some guests visiting from out of town and the only sitting we could get at APDC is 11pm. One guests suggested that such a late reservation might mean a more limited menu - is this actually likely? I would think if they will made a reservation that late, then they have everything on the menu to offer!

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  1. Never went that late, IMO, it's VERY late for diner, I hope you plan to stay aware a long time after that to digest all that food!

    I would think that they have much of the menu available, except maybe what they run out of, especially day specials.

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      I've been there that late for dinner - they have everything on the menu, the place is still quite busy, and they won't rush you out. They stay open quite late (although I'm not sure how late the kitchen is open until, but I would guess at least midnight).

    2. They do seat people up until midnight, you'll be fine with your reservation. Many people coming in the restaurant after movie, show or hockey game... I was chatting with a chef there recently who said they always seem to have a rush of people coming in a few minutes before midnight. The whole menu will definitly be offered, don't worry. The only dish that might be a problem is duck in a can, because it's a long cooking time...