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Feb 8, 2010 01:26 PM

Looking for pvt space for 30th Birthday Cocktail Party for 35-45

My husband is throwing me a 30th birthday party in late May. We plan to have open bar and passed appetizers, possibly with some food stations, for 3 hours on a Saturday night. We were originally looking at hotels (Ritz Battery Park, Hudson Hotel, Gramercy Park Hotel) but found them to be above our $5000 budget (and we'd ideally like to spend under $4,000).

Does anyone have recommendations for elegant spaces in the city that would meet these criteria? A view or some outdoor space would be an excellent bonus, but not necessary. We are also willing to switch to beer/wine/bubbly only if need be.

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  1. try the campbell apartment in grand central. amazing space although i'm not sure how their prices are. or for something a little more unusual but really great AND very reasonably priced, try mercat on bond street. delicious spanish food and drinks in a cool private space. another interesting option might be italian wine merchants - they have a really cool space - that would be a more focused wine and food experience with a sommelier on site. fun for a birthday.

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        I believe you have to bring in an off-premise caterer

    1. The 2nd floor of BLT Fish does a great private space. Dont miss out.

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        I agree with BLT Fish. We had a work function there not too long ago. Not sure of the price, but they are willing to work with you for private events. Nice loft-like space, too.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Can't quote prices, but there's no harm in looking in to:
          Empire Hotel (roof deck)
          MoBar at the Mandarin Oriental
          The Bowery Hotel
          Hudson Terrace
          Cooper Sq. Hotel
          The World Bar at the Trump World Tower

          1. I threw an amazing bday party for someone with food, open bar, etc. It was at the bar in Trump World on 48th street. They did a fantastic job and came in way below your budget.