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Feb 8, 2010 01:12 PM

Looking for a restaurant near the Fox Theater

We are going to the Fox Theater on Saturday and I am looking for restaurant reccomendations within walking distance. Thanks.


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  1. Across the street...Baraonda and Publik.

    Baraonda...great italian spot...Publik, new english style pub.

    At the Georgian Terrace across the street...Livingstons.

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    1. re: rcburli

      Baraonda is a great place. good pizzas and wine

      1. re: jeffbatl

        Sorry to disagree, but had a bad meal @ Baradona two weeks ago- I sent back the tasteless Caesar salad (NO anchovy)after two bites & they still charged me for it. Wifes pizza DRYED OUT.

        1. re: jlooman

          FYI - a true, traditional, "authentic" Caesar salad does not contain anchovies, only Worcestershire sauce. Of course the Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies which is how the practice got started.

          1. re: Fuller

            Sorry, no anchovy "taste". The server, nonetheless, claimed the dressing did contain anchovies.

    2. I'd pick Baraonda too if you're really looking for walking distance only. I find Repast or 4th & Swift just down the road far superior though. They are literally 3 minutes away if you're driving and parking is free albeit you'll probably want to tip the valet a couple bucks.

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      1. re: Fuller

        Well, if you have a car and want to drive, of course Repast is a great choice.
        However, I wouldn't walk from the Fox to Repast (unless you like hills).

        1. re: rcburli

          Absolutely right. I wasn't clear enough - I meant only consider those if you're driving. They are only 3 (ish) minutes away if you're driving.

          Hills? What hills? ;-) Only kidding.

          1. re: Fuller

            By the way, does anyone know if Enoteca Carbonari has closed?
            I really liked that place and wanted to go by there this week.
            There is no link anymore on the Baraonda website.

            1. re: rcburli

              Livingstons was good when we went a few months ago. The chef there is Gary Mennie, who was chef at Canoe years ago. Enjoyed my meal there.

      2. I wasn't really too impressed with Livingston's when I went, but it was also the week they opened, so maybe they're due some slack. Certainly convenient to the Fox.

        Another in walking distance on Peachtree is Dogwood.

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        1. re: edwardspk

          Go back! They've worked out the kinks. They've also, of course, started curing their own meats if I remember correctly.