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Best Chicken Pot Pie Nassau County ??

Okay who has the BEST Chicken Pot Pie in Nassau County ? Let's hear it... Thanks

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  1. Landmark Diner, Northern blvd (east of Searington Rd) Roslyn

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      Really I live very close, never thought landmark!

    2. Zorn's used to but haven't been there in a few years.......however I'm guessing it's still just as good.

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        No Great Pot Pies come to mind? Come on Guys...

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          Just saw the most gorgeous puff pastry pot pie at Country Rotisserie the other day, and have heard they are beyond delicious. However I make my own so don't know If I'll be trying anytime soon. They are here in Riverhead and also a few other locations including Smithtown and maybe Sayville. Check it out and let us know. It was puffed up like a voul a vent and looked intriguing.

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            Thanks, only problem its about an hour away from me! Smiles Looking for Nassau county, But thanks for your input. Thanks

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              OOPs I forgot...and my next suggestion was one I've tried, Citarella in Easthampton ;-) signing off now.

      2. Eleanor Rigby's in Mineola makes a fabulous chicken pot pie; it's topped with puff pastry and is very rich and comforting. Comes in two sizes--not a ton of vegetable matter but the chicken and sauce are velvety, perfectly seasoned.

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          Thanks!! Sounds great... Not too far from me... Smiles

          Anymore? I am in search of the best Pot Pie...

        2. If you live near Landmark Diner, you might want to go to the Farmer's Market they have at Christopher Morley during the warmer weather. Someone sells turkey pot-pies there that are quite good. My husband brought them home, so don't know if they have chicken too, but worth checking out.

          1. I picked up a couple of chicken pot pies at Zorn's in Bethpage for my aunties the other day and just heard back from them with a brief review - "terrible!"
            So the search continues. Anyone have a recommendation, preferably in Nassau County? I do make it out to the North Fork regularly, so recs. for that area are welcome.

            I'll be stopping into Iavarone Bros. tomorrow, so I'm hoping they might make them. Everything is good there.
            Thanks & Happy Holidays!

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              Iavarone Bros IMO is a big mistake for anything but the pizza up front (where most things are quite good).

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                Really? I'm usually disappointed with "prepared foods" at LI specialty markets, but we've found Iavarone's to be uniformly good. Never had the chicken pot pie, however. Jim (and nice to hear your voice!) which Iavarone has let you down?