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Feb 8, 2010 01:03 PM

Genmert Inc Sonoma White Open Stock Dinnerware Collection

Looking for nice white, inexpensive dinnerware. I found Genmert Inc Sonoma White Open Stock Dinnerware Collection at Linensnthings. With shipping and coupon I can get a dozen each of dinner plates, salad plates, and pasta bowls for about $90. It seems like such a good deal but I cannot find a review anywhere for it. Has anyone used this and if so, is it a decent dinnerware for everyday use? Thanks.

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  1. Don't know anything about this particular pattern but when I was looking for a good inexpensive set of white dinnerware, I was told to look for something in porcelain or, even better, bone china as it would hold up better and be less likely to scratch, chip, etc. I ended up going with several 16-piece sets of Nikko Blanc Fleur bone china (about $60-75 per set) from This patttern is probably more ornate than most would like but I've loved these dishes and there are many inexpensive bone china simple white patterns out there by Nikko and others..

    1. I surfed around a bit to read about the Genmert Sonoma and found that it's stoneware.
      I don't like stoneware as it chips so easily.

      Looks like you're talking about 36 pieces for $90; that's $2.50 per piece.

      Might be hard/impossible to find bone china at that price, but there are plenty of porcelain options, at a comparable price.

      Remember the 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond.
      Search this forum for: white dinnerware - there are many discussions and opinions and advice

      1. Agree with porcelain not stoneware. If Homegoods/Tj max or Marshalls are in your neighborhood, I recommend to check them, too. I recently saw a lot of white porcelain sets there.

        1. I'm not sure if you care about where the items are made.... but, in your price range, check out:
          Canopy Round White Porcelain 16-piece dinnerware set at Wal*Mart, reduced from $35 to $30, great reviews
          dinner, salad, bowl and mug - 3 sets would be 12 of each piece, also for $90

          in other words - focus first on the pieces and style you want - rimmed vs coupe, plain white vs patterned, a set vs individual pieces, shape of bowl etc.

          Then google for white porcelain dinnerware - there are many options

          -> and don't forget about Corelle.....

          1. Porcelain will be the most durable for you. It is also fine in the microwave (stoneware is hit and miss in the microwave), oven safe, etc. I recently bought some plates to fill in a Crate and Barrel set from here:

            This is basically restaurant grade dinnerware. It's simple, and the pieces are a good thickness. The pieces I got were all 'Tuxton' brand, made in China. I like them.

            Crate and Barrell also has a nice selection of porcelian dinnerware, some of it is very reasonably priced.