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April in Paris Round 2 Restaurant Choices

Thanks for previous suggestions and now am thinking of going with:

Le Pamphlet (first night, near apt.)
L'Epigramme lunch
Chez Denise late lunch pre-opera
Glou open Sunday
Le Bigarrrade dinner
Jadis dinner
L'Au Falafel cheap, convenient,good
Breizh Cafe

Going with a friend who has never been to Paris and am trying to get a variety of different types of moderately priced restaurants. Not sure I want to be over-commited to places but am sitting on the fence with Yam T'Cha and could be pushed over.......thanks for the help.

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  1. From what I understand, if you want to do Le Bigarrrade for dinner, you would need call and try to get a reservation NOW for April.

    1. A vote for Jadis, my fav in your list. Chez Denise doesn't do late lunch, they start at 7.30. They will serve you after the opera, though, since they serve until 5am.

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      1. re: souphie

        I'm excited about Jadis, Souphie. Does Chez Denise not serve lunch at al??

        1. re: kathrynj

          They do, only at lunch hours -- probably until 2 or 2.30pm.

      2. It appears to be a good, well balanced list: some old, some new, some cheap, some expensive, some traditional, some modern, some reliable and some with a little risk.

        1. Just called and got Le Bigarrade for 4/24 dinner. It may be that L'Epigramme only does dinner so will do there for Saturday night and have Jadis for my birthday on the 26th. Hoping to fit Rech in also but may be over doing it with planning! Thanks all.

          1. We had a wonderful lunch at Yam T'Cha in January.

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              ah, more decisions! Wish I had 2 weeks instead of one! Thanks---

              1. re: kathrynj

                Please be sure to report back and share your experiences. Enjoy!

                1. re: plafield

                  Definitely will--I appreciate all the help!

            2. Just a word to the wise...My hubby and I have gone to Paris the past 2 Aprils and both times I had my heart set on falafel. We made our way to L'As du falafel only to find it wasn't being served because it was Passover. We are going again this year and I hope it's being served. We were so disappointed!

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                Passover is at the very beginning of the month this year. In fact, it begins in March.

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Thanks for that, Chef June! We are arriving 4/17 so it looks like I will finally get to try that falafel!!

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                    Don't go on the 17th though since it is a Saturday and closed (also Friday nights). I'll be getting there a few days after you! Enjoy---hope it as good as it was last May.