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Feb 8, 2010 12:31 PM

Gas Ranges: Frigidaire, Kitchen Aid, GE Profile

It's time for a new gas range. I've narrowed the field to three: Frigidaire Professional Series, Kitchen Aid, and GE Profile. All are pretty comparable as far as price and features. Does anyone have any experience with these brands they'd like to share? I'm finding mixed reviews of Kitchen Aid online but not much is out there regarding the Frigidaire line.

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  1. I've had a GE Profile range for about 7 years or so and have had no problems with it. I like the continuous cast iron grates. The only thing I don't like about them is they have four little rubber feet on the bottom of each grate and are easy to lose if you aren't watching.

    The simmer burner works perfectly.

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      Thanks al... I think I'm leaning towards the GE...

    2. I'm not sure if my new Frigidaire is "Professional" (it's in the Gallery Series) but--oxymoron of a name, aside--I'm absolutely loving it. The continuous cast iron grates are solid and well-designed, the true convection oven quiet and powerful, the multiple rack arrangements are really handy, the electronic keypad is very intuitive (except for Doofus here often forgetting to hit "start" at the end!), and the price--$800 "on the street"--fantastic. I've been using it daily since this past July and haven't a single complaint. The white ceramic top is cleaning up just fine with some glass top stove cleaner...

      1. Time replace our 30" gas range (oven quit due to lack of replacement circuit board!) so I've been checking around. Our appliance repair folks, who also repair Wolf, Viking etc. say that GE is best for replacement parts. I want a couple good hot gas burners, good simmer all round, good baking and roasting. Don't know that I need 2 ovens. Looked at the "commercial style" options and considered Verona, but thought options have improved with the home-style brands. According to specs, the GE Profile does pretty well on high BTU and simmer.

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          I've owned one GE Profile. It was excellent on high heat, and IIRC, not bad at simmer but not great either. If they're still offering brushed stainless wells on some models, you'd do well to consider going that route.

          Mine was a slide-in, and the brushed SS well made for the easiest-to-clean range top I've ever owned. I used an SOS pad a time or two for baked-on crud. Best of all, oven cleaner would take off polymerized oil spills. Plus, no fingerprints, no chipped enamel, it just stayed perfectly beautiful.

        2. I have had 2 GE Profiles (one in a previous house). They have been excellent stoves (I can't afford a professional one). I also like the continuous cast iron grates. I have a dual fuel and like that also. The simmer is great... wish the high btu was higher but, I think it is on the newer ones. Enjoy.