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Feb 8, 2010 12:06 PM

Foire Internationale aux Fomages et aux Vins, Coulommiers

Has anyone attended this weekend-before-Easter fair?

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  1. No, but thanks for posting about it! I'll be sure to go next month-- it's only an hour RER train ride outside of Paris.

      1. sounds like a great excuse for a trip next March!

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        1. re: ChefJune

          While you are marking your calendar, you might think about swinging through the Pay Basque and hitting the annual Foire de Jambon in Bayonne, Easter weekend. Best ham judging and more samples than you can consume. Grand procession of guildsmen including a group of Basque joaldunaks in their sheepskins, dunce caps and copper polunpak bells. Also the lamb market at Espelette on pre-Easter Wednesday is pretty impressive.

          1. re: mangeur

            Closer to the here and now...
            The foire aux jambons in Chatou (burb of Paris) is starting this wkend, lasting 10 days. Had the best, I repeat, best ham and beans there last year. Very peasanty bon-enfant kind of food-plus-antique fair.
            (Warning: the RER that takes you there from Paris St Lazare go by some transcendentally ugly burbs...)

            1. re: Parigi

              I forgot that that event was still upcoming. Don't overlook the vendor who sells sandwiches or plates of freshly carved ham (jambon a l'os) garnished with grilled vegetables: onions, mushrooms, fennel, zucchini, eggplant. And the best garnish, a tall beer. :)