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Feb 8, 2010 12:06 PM

Aurora, vinegar hill, convivum, petit crevette - wedding dinner for 30?

We've lived in Carroll Gardens for four years and its actually been really tough to try to find a restaurant for our wedding party. Most of the restaurants we love, are either too small or dont take reservations. Would love to do a byob, but we are leaning away from middle eastern food since we'll probably do that at the wedding.

Any ideas for places that can accommodate a group of around 30 for about $40 a person for food only?

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  1. You can cross Aurora off your list unless they have changed their prices for large prix fix groups (was in a wedding there).

    1. Hmmm... food only? My guess is that the only restaurants that would do something like that lack liquor licenses. The obvious choice in that neighborhood would be middle eastern, but since you don't want that I'm stumped.

      There are many places near you that can handle 30 people for a special party... the byob makes it much more difficult.

      1. I went to a wedding reception at Frankie's... they have a back house type of dealie that was quite nice and the food was great. Or maybe you could rent out a space somewhere and have lpc or someone else cater?

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          yeah- thats what i am having a hard time with! frankie's was minimum 2,000 food and beverage and i think it would end up much more...i think we wont be able to do byob at this point unless we do middle eastern two nights, like olive cafe in park slope....very frustrating!

        2. I would suggest Convivium in Park Slope, you may have to be seated throughout the three rooms, but they are all connected and extremely cozy. The entree plates are around 20-30, so i'd imagine you could do around 40-50 a person excluding wine.

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            thanks guys! now its between convivium and black mountain winery, so one of the two should work out! thanks!

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              I had a private event at Convivium years ago and it went incredibly well. Only problem is that I don't think they can seat more than 23 or 24 people in the gorgeous basement wine cellar. Check on capacity with Michelle, the owner.


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