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Feb 8, 2010 11:51 AM

Possible Bull Taco Oceanside location opening?

Driving down the coast highway, at the south west corner of Coast Highway and Cassidy, I saw one of the little building in the strip of shops painted Black with a large banner on the corner Saying Bull Taco. The windows were covered with paper. There was either a flyer or a notice on one of the windows but I could not make it out.

I checked thier web site and though there was no Information about opening in Oceanside the font of thier logo was the same as the banner.

This would be great if Bull Taco opened a second location in Oceanside.

Wondering if anyone has seen it or knows any further info.

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  1. They were supposed to open in November but I think got tied up with permits. I heard this before the new year. l

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        Yeah I talked to the guys at "The Fish Joint" in Oceanside about ..I think it's Long board brewing company and their business (The Fish Joint) as well, about as a simple a thing as getting to post a sign for your business and the trouble both businesses had with the Oceanside City Council, about the BS it plays with small businesses. I have also talked to friends who have tried to join farmers markets in Oceanside and Swap Meets and they say it's a total Dog and Pony Show.
        That's it I'm gonna run for O"side city council least I will have the businesses and my local friends behind me.

      2. You are correct!!! Bull Taco is in the process of opening the second location. Hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks Bull Taco will be open. Push the permits!!!

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          Great news, I for one will be a regular. I live less then 3 miles away.

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            Me too, this is exciting news. I can walk there