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Feb 8, 2010 11:44 AM

tomato paste in a tube -- double concentrated

So I'm making a lentil chestnut soup tonight that calls for a couple tablespoons of tomato paste. I bought a tube of t paste instead of the little can thinking I will save money because I won't be wasting what I don't use tonight. Then I look at the tube and think -- wow, this tube doesn't have that much in it. Was this really a good move? Then I notice the label says "double concentrated." Does this mean it's twice as concentrated as the familiar stuff in cans? In that case, it probably is a good buy. Or is the canned stuff double concentrated as well?

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  1. Yes, it is twice as concentrated as the stuff in the cans. You can use half the amount called for. It will last a long, long time in the tube.

    1. Love the stuff in the tube! It lasts forever and is quick and easy.
      I tend to use quite a bit, and really fry it in oil to bring out the flavor in whatever I am making.

      1. Is this Amore brand? I've had a mind to try this stuff, but I'll have to order if from Amazon because none of the local stores carry it.

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        1. re: Perilagu Khan

          Yes, it is. That's what our coop had.

          Thanks for your answers everyone. Glad to know I have twice as much as I thought I had!

        2. I tried the Amore with the same thought that it would be more practical and economical than the cans. However, if you read the packaging, it says to use within 45 days. So I used it once and then it expired.
          It was an expensive waste.

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            Hmmmmm. Is that true of the double concentrated pastes in general? Or is there something different about the Amore?

            1. re: janetms383

              You can freeze it if you can't use it up in 45 days... I don't think a tube of the stuff ever made it that long in my fridge, but if you need to, it works fine.

              1. re: visciole

                do you think it would freeze hard or soft.... could you squeeze it out of the tube frozen?

                1. re: janetms383

                  I doubt you could squeeze it frozen from the tube, though I've never tried. I squeeze it out into a plastic container and freeze that.

              2. re: janetms383

                I keep the opened Amore in the fridge indefinitely - many months and it is always fine.

                1. re: greygarious

                  Have you tried other brands and prefer Amore? Or is it the only one you've tried so far?

                  And if you can keep tubes of anchovy paste indefinitely how can a much more acidic item like tomato paste expire in 45 days? Must be either a cash grab or a CYA situation.

                  1. re: cinnamon girl

                    The Amore is the one I see sold the most. In fact I've rarely seen other brands. But that's okay with me because I like the Amore just fine. It has a very nice, full, tomato-y flavor and an appealing bright red color. I much prefer it to any canned brand I've tried. But I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has tried other brands in tubes

                    1. re: visciole

                      Thanks. Will pick some up next time I see it.

                      1. re: cinnamon girl

                        I've tried Amore and I think Mutti is better. It also comes in a triple concentration. You can actually buy it in bulk through Amazon with free shipping.

                  2. re: greygarious

                    I discovered that I had one stashed in the back of the fridge (I had another on the door that I was using regularly), that must have been back there for 6 months. It was just fine. There was a bit of dried crud around the cap, but that was it. The contents were a-ok. I didn't even know it had an expiration date. I used it, and my family is no worse for wear. ;)

                2. You can freeze the regular tomato paste too..I used to end up throwing away the stuff too until I discovered how to freeze it by the tablespoonful onto a baking sheet, then pop them into a zip top bag...they keep forever this way....