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Feb 8, 2010 11:39 AM

Any reviews of JSix?

Has anyone been to JSix recently? What did you think of the food and the atmosphere? Is it worth trying?

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  1. My husband and I dined there over one year ago, and the food and service were excellent. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxed. We want to go back when finances permit. Definitely thumbs up.

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      Thanks. How do you think it compares to George's? I'm curious because it reviewed well in san Diego reader but not stellar on yelp. I was wondering what chowhounders thought.

    2. I love Christian Graves' food. I HATE their dining room. Feels cold and sterile and never full enough. Graves is fantastic with cured meats and fish (he used to work at Faralon in SF). One of the more underrated chefs in town. Wish he was at a different spot.

      1. Had a lunch there a couple of weeks ago. Service was great, food was meh, but in fairness it was a pretty standard and limited menu. I get the feeling they only serve lunch because they have to service the hotel guests.

        I agree that this is not a good match for this talented chef. And that cold, sterile dining room? About to get colder and more sterile. They are changing the color palate from warm yellow and amber to grey.

        1. Wow! We read about this special once a month event in the SD Union-Tribune and decided to give it try. OMG it was over the top beyond what I expected. It started with a limo ride to the Hillcrest Farmers' Market where we walked the stands with Chef Christian Graves. He gave us suggestions and insights on various stands and how to pick the best asparagus, fingerling potatoes, etc. Then we returned to the restaurant kitchen where we watched him put together a tasting menu and then helped prep the food. We were given champagne and cocktails while we prepped, then ushered to the dining room to await the first course.

          The warm asparagus salad with truffled lemon aioli was bright and satisfying. Then came a small plate of seared albacore tuna over a salad of cherry tomatoes, baby squash, fennel pollen and basil. Luscious. He showed us his pork products curing in the cooler, then delivered an amazing bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, medium rare, over a warm fingerling potato and marcona almond salad. The seasoning was spot on. Next was a braised shortrib over a medley of beans we had shopped for, topped by dungeness crab. For dessert the strawberries I helped to prep turned into a wonderful parfait of mascapone -cream and ricotta with a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. All of this accompanied by wines to match and designer cocktails, including a frozen peach belini and basil gimlet. I was impressed by the small size of the freezer and the roof-top herb garden--a sure sign that the vast majority of the food prepared by the kitchen is from scratch and locally grown.

          We arrived at 10 am and didn't leave until nearly 5pm. It was a fabulous experience and an excellent value. Now we're hot to try them for a regular dinner, the chef's confab in June, and another Chef's Kitchen in the height of the summer fruit season. This is a chef who is in love with cooking!

          JSix Restaurant
          616 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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            Ms.Verde...THANK YOU so much for posting this. I, too, have looked at this special event and thought it sounded like a great day. I am so glad to have some feed back on this :-)

          2. We had last weekend a tatsing menu at JSix and just asked them to cook something which represents the philosophy of their restaurant. We were very impressed with the results and it is an impressive statement that from the four savory courses two were vegetarian. Many restaurants claim to care about seasonality and freshness but you don't see really in tasting menu (which for us are always by far the best way to explore the "core/idea" of a restaurant.