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Feb 8, 2010 11:16 AM

Razz’s, Rancho Pinot and Sassi

Any comment of these spots as a good weekend dinner for 8? Wine lists? Fair or overpriced? Steak or no steak at any of them?

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  1. Rancho Pinot is really great and they have a fantastic, very reasonable wine list. I don't know the current menu, but I think they have at least one steak. Sassi is Italian. I don't recall if they have a steak on the menu. Our last couple of visits there were mediocre at best and I found the wine list to be overpriced. I love Razz but haven't been there in quite a while. I'd choose Rancho Pinot from your list.


    1. Haven't been to Razz's or Sassi but I second Rancho Pinot- really unique spot, been around forever and quality has always been consistent IMO. Servers are also extremely knowledgeable about wine.

      1. You really can't get any better than Rancho Pinot. I have been going there for years and consistantly have a wonderful experience! If you are trying to impress your friends and family, go no further than Rancho Pinot.

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          Agree with Rancho Pinot...Razz's just gets too weird sometimes and agree with Sassi being overpriced...beautiful view though...

          10455 E Pinnacle Peak Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85255