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Feb 8, 2010 10:45 AM

Colonial Williamsburg restaurants

My wife and kids come to Williamsburg almost every year, but we tend to go to the same places - the taverns, Cracker Barrel, Old Chickahominy House, etc.

I was looking for any suggestions you might have on good restaurants in the area. First, any places for breakfast would be especially appreciated, but we are also looking for new dinner spots as well. Thanks!

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  1. The best breakfast place, hands down, is Mama Steve's Pancake House. Yes, that is the name and no, I don't understand it either. We've had breakfast there several times an always left raving about the food. Service is friendly.

    Dinner: Mirabella's has excellent southern Italian food, a touch pricey but very good food and excellent service. Sal's by Victor is a good place for a pizza/sub/pasta lunch, owner is friendly (and cooked for the Olympics one year; he has some stories). Peking Restaurant is the best Asian buffet I've ever seen. I normally am not a big fan of Chinese buffets, but this place has Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Mongolian food, and it is very fresh and good quality. The place is very popular and is PACKED. A friend has a time-share within walking distance of it, and we've eaten there several times.