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Feb 8, 2010 10:29 AM

A&J serving full menu post-snowpocalypse, Little River Turnpike in horrible shape

We had a soul-warming lunch at A&J today, where the cucumber salad and spicy beef tendon were even better than usual. The parking lot is in reasonable shape.

However, Little River Turnpike is in shockingly poor shape between Markham Street and 495. We were particularly impressed by the 4 wheel drive SUV that made a sudden transition from the left lane to a snow bank on the right lane, immediately in front of us. It looked as though Hummer Road was also in poor shape, so those of you heading for grocery runs at the H-Mart there may want to think twice.

There is still a substantial layer of snow on the road, plus a lot of standing slush that will freeze solid this evening. If you genuinely know how to drive on snow and ice and have a vehicle with suitable tires, you should be in good shape, except for the fools who are on the road thinking that 4 wheel drive=ability to drive in snow.

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