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Feb 8, 2010 10:27 AM

Where can I buy large white plates, fine-dining style? Books recommended?

Hi there,

I love fine-dining and all about the beautiful pretty food presentation. Recently, I bought this book called the Art of Food Presentation, and now I would like to practice making the recipe once a week or so when I'm free.

1) To get started, I am going to need those big white plates. I can't afford a $30 or $60 china plates, but I also don't want to buy a $1 plastic plate. Does anybody know where can I find an affordable OK large white plates of different sizes, like those you'd find in fine-dining restaurants?

2) Does anybody have any recommendations on books that have visual step-by-step on how to create those fine-dining beautiful meals at home? With the how to decorate, garnish (big plate, small portion with artistic presentation)?

3) Does anybody know any good affordable store for culinary items in general (i) the equipments, and (ii) for ingredients? (Preferably in downtown montreal)

I'm not a culinary student, but I LOVE all about it and I can't wait to get started!!


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  1. There are many cooking stores downtown.
    Monas 4565 avenue Du Parc and i believe there is another cooking store right next to it
    La Soupiere on guy and st catherine
    There is also a place on St Laurent on the east side of the street between prince arthur and pine ... I was there two dys ago and they had tons of those white plates

    For ingredients if you go to the store on st laurent just keep walking up the street and go to la librarie espagnole and then vieille europe... and for meat and fish you will walk by roy street so you might as well go one of the butchers there

    1. Do you have Crate and Barrel (affordable) or Williams-Sonoma (less affordale to downright expensive) in Montreal? I'm also guessing that restaurant supply stores would have. I love my plain white dishes.

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        «Do you have Crate and Barrel (affordable) or Williams-Sonoma (less affordale to downright expensive) in Montreal?»


        Restaurant supply stores are worth a visit, though. Monas, which kpaxonite mentioned, is a good starting point.

        Also check out the kitchen boutiques like La Maison d'Émilie on Laurier and Arthur Quintin on St-Denis, both on the pricey side but sometimes with affordable stuff. The Linen Chest and Caplan-Duval also have a limited selection of dinnerware. And -- don't laugh -- The Bay and IKEA may have the kind of plates the OP is looking for.

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          Oh, if you have IKEA I'd be willing to bet they have the exact thing. And, yeah, don't laugh. We've bought so much stuff from them, including our kitchen cabinets, and loved everthing except one bathmat.

      2. canadian tire/rona also have cheap white plates. I think rona is 1 dollar each. I also like to shop second hand stores for plates/equipment (pans), you can find some really pretty stuff.

        And to start, why don't you visit the library. They have tons of books and you can test which kinds you like before you commit big bucks to buy them.

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          or even just look online on sites like epicurious ... or there are some good videos on youtube...... the added benifit of looking online is that recipes and techniques are reviewed

        2. Hi - while book suggestions are off-topic for this regional board, do feel free to start a thread on the Not About Food board where hounds from all over the globe will be able to give you some ideas.

          1. Warshaw Maison next to atwater market have a variety of white plates in many sizes and shapes